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 Write a comparison about anything

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Feeling brassic
Feeling brassic

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PostSubject: Write a comparison about anything   Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:48 pm

Did this in 10 minutes. First comparison I thought of

When you think about it, most people's career paths follow either numbers or letters. Numbers are oftentimes related to math. You look in your wallet and count. You look on the calendar to see what number the day is. Numbers can also be beneficial. They show the world records for sports and time can be told by just looking at a clock. When you are bored in Religion class, just count how many tiles are on the floor. Trying to get into university? Hopefully the numbers on your report card are high.

As much as numbers are helpful, letters are also important. Letters give you the freedom to read books ( not by Timothy Findley.) Letters can create games such as hangman and wordsearch. Letters can also point you in the right direction. They make you aware of your surroundings, such as trying to find the food court, the best area in the shopping mall. You can use letters to do remarkable activities, such as speaking or thinking. Thus, numbers are quite the helpful sort of inanimate friendship, but, without letters we would be unable to talk, but at least People Magasine wouldn't exist.

-- by Breakyoudown

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Write a comparison about anything
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