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 Viking Story, pt 2

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PostSubject: Viking Story, pt 2   Tue Apr 14, 2009 11:14 pm

The tent that covered Hjoldir swayed gently in the midnight breeze. The light, hiss of the wind was joined with the cracking of the fire outside, now nothing more than a few red hot coals. Resting from his long journey the previous day, Hjoldir was silent. Rest was something Hjoldir would need – the next day he would board a ship that would take him to England, where he would undertake a series of assassinations. The nights silence was deafening. Hjolnir was not used to the silent, peaceful nights. Wiping his eyes, Hjoldir emerged from his tent into the chilly, calm night. Grabbing a small stick that was laid next to the diminishing fire, Hjoldir lit the end, creating a makeshift torch. The wind was bone-chilling, but his heritage provided a natural resistance to the cold. Hjoldir started down the small dirt path which lead to the sea, where many Norse vessels were docked, awaiting deployment.

“It's peaceful at night here.” Hjoldir stated, aware that someone was behind him. It was Alfarin, a longtime friend and ally, “We are lucky the war has not found it's way to our home. It would be foolish of the English to even try to invade Iceland.”

“Indeed. That's the beauty of our conquest. The more we obtain, the less there is to oppose us. England proves more difficult than the others, though.”

“England fights valiantly, but in the end, their demise shall be our victory, just like all the rest. The strength of the Norse can overpower any force that dare oppose. Thor grants us his great power – the power of the Gods, and this is what ensures our conquest. We will be victorious in out campaign, and the English will suffer the fate of a thousand nations.”

“My brother, I hope you are right, but I believe it is foolish to have such thoughts. Our campaign will only be victorious given our men fight with valor and brutality – we cannot just expect things like this to fall into place.”

“Do you not trust the Gods? Do you not have full faith in our strength, the strength that the Gods bestow upon us and us alone?”

“My allegiance is to Thor and to the Norse people! But I feel more is on our shoulders than you think. That is why we train – to fight like true warriors.”

“That may be true, Alfarin, but you must always remember, the Gods are with us. They will not let us feel defeat.”

Hjoldir started back up the path, when Alfarin interrupted, “What you say is true Hjoldir, we will taste victory soon enough. The Gods will not let us down. But you should get some more rest, Hjoldir, your mission today was not an easy one. You've earned it.”

“Thank you and good night my brother.” Hjoldir continued up the path to his tent, where he was soon fast asleep.

“Hjoldir, have some of this fish.” Alfarin said, tossing him a large cod. Hjoldir had just emerged from his tent to the rising sun of daybreak. Fires roared around him and the smell of freshly cooked fish and meat met his nose.

“Thanks Alfarin.” Hjoldir thanked, as he bit a large piece out of the fish. “I always have time for a good meal.”

Hjoldir grabbed a nearby flask of mead and took a drink as Alfarin chuckled. “Especially when we have all this cod. This is good fish.”

Hjoldir and Alfarin sat, eating and laughing. Hjoldir was carefree even though he was aware of the massive task before him. Hjoldir wasn't by any stretch of the term brash, it was just commonplace for Norse warriors to be relaxed – prepared to sacrifice themselves for Gods. After a long meal, Hjoldir gathered his weapons: his large, well-crafted axe, daggers, bow, and arrows. Ready to depart, Hjoldir climbed aboard a large Norse ship that was headed for the north coast of England, near the conquered town of Newcastle. Joined by Alfarin and Erik, Hjoldir took his place in the hold. The boat was large – enough space for men and cargo, as well as the men's equipment. The large oak mast creaked as it sailed, the wind pushing it with the massive, linen sail. In the hold, people of all sorts mingled, gambling, singing, drinking, and conversing. Villagers traveled to colonize the newly gained land, to spread the Norse heritage. Warriors of all kinds traveled as well, from common soldiers to agents like Hjoldir. Kids, running and shouting, lively as the roaring sea, traveled on board with their families, off to a new home on a strange and distant island.
A few hours after twilight, the vessel hit the shore. Hjoldir and the other warriors departed the ship, venturing to the local military encampment, which was located next to small village. The village, although small, contained an inn, tavern, general store, and a few house of various qualities and sizes. The village, however, existed solely for the port, which was where the Norse first landed at the beginning of England's conquest.
Erik proceeded to his private chambers in the local castle which was behind the Norse encampment. Erik had taken brief stay in Iceland due to Hjoldir's previous mission at the English monastery. After Hjoldir deposited his possessions at the camp, he, along with Alfarin, traveled to the local tavern.
“Now it's been awhile since I've been here!.” exclaimed Hjoldir, bolting down a flagon of ale. “Best ale in all the land!”

“Ha ha! Why, when I was here last, I would spend every night in this very tavern, except on the nights when they threw me out for indecency! I still don't understand how they can't expect me to get drunk! This is, after all, a tavern!” Alfarin laughed, also devouring a bottle of ale.

“True, but when you start harassing the women, they have to do something! That drives away business!”

Hjoldir and Alfarin drank, enjoying their night of fun, as the next day brought the war back to them.
The next day, Hjoldir woke up at dawn to prepare for his mission. As a personal agent of the Norse leader, it was his job to undertake lengthy, dangerous tasks by himself, usually in the form of assassinations.

“You've known about this task for awhile, Hjoldir.” stated Erik, looking out the window of the castle at the shimmering, deep blue ocean. “Your target, one of the kings right hand men – a general that goes by the name of Alexander. We know that Alexander is one of the main strategists in the kings military, so his death would be detrimental to their war effort.”

“What exactly do we know about him as of now?”

“Well, to be honest, not much more than that, other than his location of course. He commands a battalion of soldiers in York. He is the commander of the troops fighting on the front lines, trying to repel our conquest.”

“Why would the king have his main strategist near the front lines of our invasion? That seems to be a foolish choice on his part.”

“Not exactly. The king likely has him stationed there to give his troops and extra advantage. Look how this war is coming along. The English are a worthy opponent. We have been fighting for over twenty years, and look how far we have gotten. But, on the other hand, we are not being driven backwards. The king needs every resource he can get, therefore, he stationed General Alexander on the front lines to better their defense. Well, that is the theory anyway.”

“That would make sense, but it still seems like a dangerous idea to me. I will not have to go far past our lines to kill him, he makes for an easy target!”

“That is exactly the reason we need to do this hastily, before he has the opportunity to leave. If we take him out now, the King will be at a major loss. I have arranged to have you taken with the next battalion of troops. They leave later today, when the sun is at it's peak. Go, gather your things and ready yourself.”

The battalion was a large one – over a hundred men, shipping out to fight on the front lines. Hjoldir joined them, but he did not march. Hjoldir was to ride on horseback with the commanders, as to conserve his strength. The march was a long one, but took no more than 5 hours. When they finally reached their line, just outside the town of York, Hjoldir broke off from the group, going into the forest west of the town. The forest was dense, and even though the sun was still high in the cloudless, blue sky, the forest had a feeling of night to it. When he was not far into the forest, Hjoldir dismounted his horse and tied him to a strong tree trunk. Surveying the area, Hjoldir began to venture though the wood, moving swiftly and carefully as to avoid notice by any of the King's patrols. The sun shown through in patches, bright and cherry. Only small areas were drenched in the warm sunlight – the rest covered in shadows.
Sticking to the darkness, Hjoldir approached a small patrol of only 3 men, one on horseback. Stowing his axe on his back, Hjoldir removed his sharpened daggers from his satchel. Hjoldir crept closer, sneaking around a patch of trees and bushes, waiting for the patrol to pass by. As the men walked by, Hjoldir pounced from his position, silently jumping on the back of one of the men, sinking has daggers into his neck and severing his jugular artery. Gasping for air and bleeding profusely, the man fell to the forest floor, where he bled to death. By that the time the other men were aware of Hjoldir's presence. The man on horseback quickly turned, charging his stead and taking a swipe at Hjoldir, nearly missing. Hjoldir's reflexes served him well, and as the man rode by, Hjoldir pulled his axe off of his back, and taking 3 quick horizontal slashes, cut down the horse. The horse fell, launching it's rider forward into a thicket of bushes. At that moment the other man charged at Hjoldir with a longsword. Quickly pulling his daggers back out, he threw them both at the man. The daggers were thrown at such a massive speed, the man could not dodge them, and was impaled in the chest. Hjoldir then turned to the other man, crawling back up from the bushes. Axe in hand, Hjoldir rushed at him and, with a quick uppercut strike with his axe, gouged his face in at the jaw. The men had not even landed a strike on Hjoldir.

I don't know if you guys want to read all that, but I would really appreciate it if some of you would. i would like to know if that story is worth continuing.
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Viking Story, pt 2
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