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 The Song of the Day (rough approx) 10 Brute

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PostSubject: The Song of the Day (rough approx) 10 Brute   Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:34 pm

Hola kiddies....i took an extended break due to my spring break. but now that im back in the swing of things, a song got my attention today
This is the little diddy i have put up by Petrucci so far....

Id like to mention something about this album. Quite simply put...it kicks ass. Now, ill admit im a mega fan of ANYTHING Petrucci, and if it isnt your cup of tea, that is quite alright, we can still be friends. Put it to you this way...the whole "what album would you take to a deserted island?" i would have to think long and hard about bringing this one. This is Instrumental Metal at its finest...from what ive heard. If you like what you hear, check out the whole album here

Damage Control - John Petrucci

Suspended Animation - John Petrucci

Dark94Flame wrote:
Blink 182?
Byd, this is how it starts, you know. One day it's "I like Blink 182", the next it's "I think I like men".
Master Cthulhu wrote:
Where Bathory was an iron broadsword, this band is a big plastic one with "viking!" written on it in sparkly purple magic marker.
sarainadream wrote:
No fucking worries I guess you cunts, just wanted to bloody well plant the careful seed in your maggot infested brains.
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The Song of the Day (rough approx) 10 Brute
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