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 The Greater of Two Evils

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Frenzied Folk Barbarian
Frenzied Folk Barbarian

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PostSubject: The Greater of Two Evils   Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:22 pm

Okay this is a write-up for the Anthrax compilation "The Greater of Two Evils". Very good album overall. It consists of remakes of classic Anthrax song, with the new Anthrax singer (You'll love it Blackstar). IIt includes remakes of Anthrax songs off of the first few albums, including "Fistful of Metal" and "Among the Living". I enjoy hearing the songs with A new voice, the singer is reminiscent of Pantera's singer in a way. I also love hearing the revamped sound quality. "Deathrider", which is definitely one of my favorite Anthrax songs, sounds amazing. It's a much fuller sound, if you know what I mean. I would definitely recommend this album for any hardcore Anthrax fan, or anyone who was turned off by the early singers.

Here is the song list

1. "Deathrider"
2. "Metal Thrashing Mad"
3. "Caught in a Mosh"
4. "A.I.R."
5. "Among the Living"
6. "Keep It in the Family"
7. "Indians"
8. "Madhouse"
9. "Panic"
10. "I Am the Law"
11. "Belly of the Beast"
12. "Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)"
13. "Be All, End All"
14. "Gung-Ho"

Japanese Bonus Tracks (can be gotten from torrent)

1. "Lone Justice"
2. "Anthrax"
3. "Spreading the Disease"
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PostSubject: Re: The Greater of Two Evils   Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:54 pm

Cool man *adds to even longer infinite list*
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The Greater of Two Evils
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