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 Fallout 3 REVIEW

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PostSubject: Fallout 3 REVIEW   Sat May 30, 2009 11:13 pm

So I figured I'd change the structure of my reviews, I hope you guys like them. I'll start out by reviewing a game that I'm positive everyone has heard about, Fallout 3.

Fallout 3 is an action RPG developed by the legendary Bethesda Softworks, the creators of amazing games such as The Elder Scrolls. Bethesda is renown for their style of game developing because, unlike many Japanese RPGs, their games are not linear. This means that the game can take multiple paths, ultimately allowing the player to decide how events play out. Their games also feature massive open world environments in which the player is encouraged to explore. Bethesda attempts to make their games "a game designed to encourage exploration and reward curiosity".

Fallout 3 begins with your character's birth in a massive underground vault: a bunker designed to house people in the event of nuclear annihilation. The beginning levels follow your character as he/she grows older and older, so you get a feel for how the game plays out. During this beginning level, the player decides what his skills will be, what his attributes will be, and decide other various character creation options. During these beginning events, the player's father escapes the massive underground vault, which forces you to follow after him into the vast wasteland. The "Capital Wasteland" is a MASSIVE area which encompasses the ruins of downtown Washington DC and a massive country side. From the moment the player leaves the vault, he/she is free to do whatever. The great thing about this game is that you can completely abandon the main story and do other things. It is important to make sure you do all the exploring you want before completing the main story though, because once you finish, you cannot go back and do other things. Fortunately, a recent expansion pack adds more content on to the end to remedy this, but unless you fork over 10 dollars for it, you will not be able to continue on that save after completing the main quest. The game features various skills, reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls. The player can invest skill points in Lockpicking, Medicine, Repair, and Science to name a few. One cool thing about this game is that it can be played as a first person shooter or third person shooter, although the third person mode is inferior to first person in many ways. The game also features a very cool turn based system called V.A.T.S. This system allow the player to targer different body parts in a pause menu, and the system shows the player the chances of hitting each body part. This makes for very interesting gameplay, as you can switch between straight first person shooting to tactical turn based gameplay on the fly.

V.A.T.S in action

Another very cool thing about the game is the horror aspect to it. Many times while playing, I felt a sense of fear, like I was playing a horror game like Silent Hill or Resident Evil. Fallout 3 also features very brutal and gory action. The player can blow off an enemies heads and limbs, or completely mutilate their body. It makes for a very gory and creepy game. The cool thing is that along with the horror aspect, there is a lot of humor to be found. For example, the gore is SO over the top, that it is almost funny. There are also a lot of different ways of finding humor in the game, such as humorous quests and dialogue options.

BOOM! Headshot!

The graphics on the game are also very realistic, as is the environment. In the ruins of downtown Washington DC, you will see many different real life sights, such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Museum of Technology. It's very cool to see all of these monuments in a video game, especially in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Fallout 3's Lincoln Memorial compared to the real one.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I am on my second play though now, and I can see myself doing at least 2 more because this game is so enjoyable. I personally enjoyed The Elder Scrolls games better, but this is still an amazing game. It is one of the best I have ever played, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of free-based open world games, or Bethesda Softworks.
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Feeling brassic
Feeling brassic

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 3 REVIEW   Sun May 31, 2009 2:03 pm

Yeah I totally agree on the horror aspect
The first couple hours makes it feel like a survival horror game. You have hardly any ammo or health and new enemies are constantly being introduced
But after a few more hours it turns into the action/rpg its supposed to be
The world is a bit less appealing to roam around then oblivion, but the humour and such sometimes makes up for it. Your skills really do impact not just its practical use but also they somehow make there way into dialogue. Pretty decent game
I'm going to enjoy being a total asshole to everyone
Great review

From this moment forth, my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth
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Fallout 3 REVIEW
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