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 Nazgul (Italy)

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PostSubject: Nazgul (Italy)   Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:09 am

Okay...yes this is yet another black metal band, but once again it's very unique.

So I was cruising around enjoying my restored computer sound. I was listening to some top 50 black metal songs and #3 especially struck my attention. It was a band called Nazgul and it sounded killer. I went ahead and looked them up on the metal-archives and after sifting through the 7 or so black metal bands named Nazgul I found the one I was looking for. Their only full-length album had a rating of 97% out of 5 reviews...which is pretty damn high. Between this and the sample I heard I figured it was definitely worth checking out.
And it was. This album is seriously one of the most awesome things ever. Not only is it a healthy 46 minutes long, the pace is quite fast with extremely memorable and catchy parts thrown throughout the whole thing constantly. The most insane thing about this album is its incredible diversity. The most stand out fusion in this black metal is that of folk metal. Unlike usual I actually really like the folk moments in this album. They aren't lighthearted and jolly like most folk moments seem to be. They are actually piercingly melodic and grand. Despite having a lot of majesty and folk elements some parts of the album are startlingly dark, although usually it is just epic/melodic black metal. Other moments of the album, and perhaps some of my favorite, have an incredibly transilvanian feel to them.

The vocals are just as varied as well. Most of the time the singer uses a unique style of vocals that you may find kind of weird at first but trust me, as it goes on you'll get used to it. It is hard to describe the sound so you'll just have to hear it. Other times the vocals can turn to this incredibly deep monstrous demon rasp, and other things as well. Clean vocals are also present at times. The lyrics are in Italian.

I was going to put the album together on youtube but the site isn't fully up at the moment so I'll just link you guys to a guy whose profile has all the songs.


Now I think I have a little bit of time to check out some Striborg.

EXTRA: Just because I have so much god damn stuff that I'm checking out, as fast as I can before they fade from my mind completely, check this out for hardcore head banging.
Teitanblood - Seven Chalices of Vomit and Blood

"Raw Black/Death Metal" with a dark slant.
This stuff actually made me head bang, which is something I usually don't do. This particular song starts off raw and ends dark. Pretty hardcore metalhead stuff.
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Nazgul (Italy)
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