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 How the American Media sold the Gulf War- Explained

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PostSubject: How the American Media sold the Gulf War- Explained   Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:09 pm

So Americans were invading Iraq in 1990. So Kuwait was under attack by the Iraqis and so they bribed America with money, and oil. Now its not easy to convince a country to send kids to war, so they had to "sell the story" to the public. So the government spent $7.7 million dollars into advertising, $100000 per month. In press conferences, torture was shown by the Iraqis. There were a number of things that influenced the citizens to be pro war : bumper stickers and t-shirts, 154 page book called "The Rape of Kuwait", hostage letters to the public, pro war rallies, disturbing information, polls, Nation Free Kuwait day, video news releases, etc. Here is where it gets interesting. A Kuwaiti girl was on tv sobbing heavily. She had told a story about Iraqis soldiers shooting up a hospital and taking babies out of there incubators. This had captured the hearts of many. Until investigators found out the girl was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador for American, and took ACTING LESSONS. Even when the Ambassador spoke, makeup was applied so that he would look more American and likable. Now this is what some would call, I don't know... propaganda. However it was overlooked by all as money easily sways you. So with all the videos showing Saddam's insanity, and the greed for oil, its a wonder that the fickle people would not see through this right away. But man, Kuwait, I mean how random is this.

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How the American Media sold the Gulf War- Explained
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