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 Biased in the news- Interesting info promised

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PostSubject: Biased in the news- Interesting info promised   Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:28 am

By BYD Been forgetting to do this thing
For those of you who don't know who Rupert Murdoch is, he recently bought Fox News. He owns 100 cable channels, 175 newspapers, 40 book companies, 40 tv stations, and a movie studio. He pretty owns 3/4 of every single audience members. Rupert is a giant republican, he adored Ronald Reagan and couldn't stand the Kennedy's. Ronald's birthday was filmed all day when there was more important things going on. Rupert suspended a reporter because he didn't make the birthday seem special enough. The news also uses euphemism to sway viewers in the way they want them. A couple years back there was a sniper in the states. Fox called him a sharpshooter because that sounds less like a terrorist and it would calm people. Suicide bombers were called homicide bombers. This way, the terrorist sounds more evil as it doesn't sound like they die as well using the term homicide, even though if one person dies its a homicide. Other terms used
American soldiers- Freedom fighters
Shell shock- Post chromatic stress
Torture- Extreme Interrogation (I hate this one)
Hurt innocents- Collateral Damage
Guantanamo Bay- Detention Facility

News reporters also use the phrase some people say
This is a very clever way of not sourcing information. Nobody can call you out because they wouldn't know. But this is a way of hiding bias and to submit anonymous information that is probably there own.

Bill O' Reilly, this is an interesting character. He blantly states that he has no interest in any left win idea. He invited a guy named Glick onto the show. This guy lost his dad in September 11th. Now, some soldiers in Afghanistan were actually trained in America. Therefore by just bringing this up, Bill said that Glick was accusing the States of being a terrorist country. Bill then cut his mic when he tried to fight back. The video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IwIRNM5noY&feature=related

Of course when they were invading Iraq, they had to show images of how they are "liberating the country" They showed, Iraqi athletes, money, fresh water, and hoping it would make people think of progress, it didn't.

So, during the Bush vs Kerry election, this is how Fox News attacked Kerry constantly. They continuously showed footage of Kerry throwing anyway his war medals. He changed his mind about something minor so he was given a nickname of flip flop that was heavily used. Quote from fox "And in hot summer fashion with John Kerry, flip flops!"
He was caught on tape trash talking about Bush that was leaked of course. Also Fox thought he looked French, because of the way he looked and because he wore a scarf. They actually hired a man with a thick French accent to say that Kerry is definitely French. Apparently Americans hate the French so this would help Bush win. They also said that Kim Jong Ill loves him.

Lastly, when debates between Conservatives and Liberals are on the show. The Democrat is always a really weak choice that nobody has heard of when the Republican is a handsome looking strong believer. The democrat usually agrees with the republican making the station look good.

I will stop here

From this moment forth, my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth
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Biased in the news- Interesting info promised
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