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 Catacombs (Funeral Doom Droninsh)

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PostSubject: Catacombs (Funeral Doom Droninsh)   Sun Jun 28, 2009 3:23 pm

Well this got to be here.

He who sleeps, ageless, out of time - awakens now from restless sleep - stirring from the depths of his aqueous tomb - at the sound of the gathering - of the neophytese of doom - chants in unknown tongues - echoes through accursed halls - the great eyes open... - the very cosmos shudder - at the awakening of the ungod - arising from the watery chasm - as his acolytes of doom - lurch forth from ebbing tides - as the world's doom - arises from the deep - and they chant...

and my favorite

Gazing down into the boundless abyss
from the edge of the world
staring into the stygian blackness
that exists between the stars
the basalt gates of the underdark open
monstrous forms of untold horror
lumber forth from the lightless depths
the ancient unholy gods of whom men dare not dream
emerging from chasms choked with the bones of untold dead and countless unhallowed centuries
the unholy abominations arise
to devour all light
at the edge of the abyss I stand
staring into that black carrion pit
as the world dies
a black moon rises
heralding the end
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Catacombs (Funeral Doom Droninsh)
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