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 Metal Album of the Day [14]

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PostSubject: Metal Album of the Day [14]   Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:16 am

[14] Forbidden - Forbidden Evil
Note: I'll review their other album tomorrow probably.

It's interesting that I've actually envisioned music like this to exist even though I've never really heard it, until now. Raw soul raping thrash metal of blue hell, red demon skulls, and Death upon earth is what Forbidden offers here with Forbidden Evil. Thrash metal isn't really my area of expertise so it is hard for me to compare this to other bands. All I can say is that you need to turn this up loud, play it at night when you're full of energy, and go insane. The guitars are awesome there are crazy solos and some of the riffs will remind you of the song "Black Magic" by Slayer. True head banging music. I just feel like getting on the second story of an old haunted house, clearing the top floor, hooking up blue flashing lights, and blasting this while head banging on Halloween (with a display of Death in the room). Wow that actually came out grammatically correct...or so I think. The vocals are dangerously audible intense yells throughout with a few screams.

Archives Rating: 84% (11)
My Rating: 7/10 - Impressive
Note: This may change to masterpiece later depending on how other albums compare.

1. Chalice of Blood
2. Off the Edge
3. Through Eyes of Glass
4. Forbidden Evil
5. March into Fire
6. Feel No Pain
7. As Good as Dead
8. Follow Me 07:01
Total Time: 42:43

Lyric Sample:
Forbidden - Forbidden Evil
Killers thrill, endless slaughter,
Mother cries, her tortured daughter,
Taterred flesh, and silky hair,
Ripped her soul and left her bare

Unbelievers hold evil, learn or burn,
Torment, hate and torture, Your soul will burn!!!

Bloody angel, trapped in sin,
Ripped down to blistered skin,
It's wings became fallen prey,
Holy Lord please end this day

Unbelievers hold evil, learn or burn,
Torment, hate and torture, Your soul will burn!!! Burn!!!!!!!

The king of death shall rule,his reign of hell is fire,
He's come to fight his duel, He's worshipped with desire,

Behold forbidden evil, they've come to fight you'll see.
Behold goog God the savior will rule eternity,
Prince of hell, he surrounds the earth fullfilling what is said,
The demons scream fron hell and kiss the bloody birth

Forbidden Evil!!!!!!!! Forbidden Evil!!!!!!!!! Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comments: These lyrics go with the music perfectly.

Sample Song:
Forbidden - Chalice of Blood

Listen to it all here:

Download it here:
rapidshare.com Forbi-ForbidEv_by_gneo.rar
Password: by gneo

Buy it here:

http://metal-archives.com/ for more information and reviews.

Note: I do not confirm that the download links are good. I get them from blogspots which are highly reliable. If anything is wrong with the download let me know. If there is a password and I haven't listed it let me know and I may be able to find it.
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Metal Album of the Day [14]
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