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 Underground Soul (attempt)

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PostSubject: Underground Soul (attempt)   Sat Aug 08, 2009 7:40 am

The first song listed here is what inspired me to do all of this but I couldn't find anything, at the moment, that could quite live up to it. This is supposed to be an atmospherically diverse list but I don't know if it'll live up to those expectations. I did give it my effort though. I left out ColdWorld and some things like that because I wanted to try to find things that no one knows of.

Vargnatt - Nur Ein Traum
-Well this is the highlight. I wanted to make a list with songs like this one but guess what...I couldn't find any others for the life of me. Pretty unique if there is anything like this let me know. I guess it had kind of a final fantasy sound? Maybe? If you think I'm making too big a deal of this song you can glance at the youtube comments and contrast.

Well actually I can find ONE thing that compares...other Vargnatt songs. I actually have this album on my iPod and it is quite good. At first it sounds kind of generic and boring but there is definitely something special about it and it progresses. The finale is above, but here are the others (first song missing)...

Vargnatt - Portrait Einer Nacht

Vargnatt - Vom Suchen Der Holle

Vargnatt - Umnachtung Und Weisheit

Vargnatt - Welk
-The first part of this song is Nur Ein Traum again but if you skip to 5:20 the last song of the album will start, called Welk.

---Filler Material---

Blood Red Fog - Morbid Sleep
-Depressive black metal but one of my favorite songs of the style. Give it a minute.

Impavida - Dark Skies
-I'm not in love with it but it has a unique approach. Very chilling, one person suggested putting it on full screen and turning off the lights at midnight. It's 3:49 am right now so I gave it a try and it was interesting.

Veil - Suicide Winds

Spite Wing Extreme - II
-I've never heard a band with an atmosphere like this one. Must hear once...

Aeternus - Warrior of the Crescent Moon
-The beginning is surprisingly beautiful, and it doesn't stop there.

---3 Xasthur Songs---
Xasthur - Beauty is Only Razor Deep
-Maybe not Xasthur's most memorable song but when it comes to capturing Xasthur's powerful atmosphere this song must be listened to with a little patience, appreciation, and taste. I would like to take note of the song title as well, which is akin to thoughts I have had before and is quite threatening.

Xasthur - Doomed by Howling Winds
-Another powerful atmospheric song in much the same significance as the above.

Xasthur - Reflecting Hateful Energy
-I have this song as a bonus on the album I bought. One of my favorites.
---3 Xasthur Songs---end

Honorable Mention: Nazhand. I couldn't find any of his songs I don't even think he has a myspace. There are downloads around though but if you don't like depressive black metal you won't like it. It's very formulaic but I think it is better than a lot of stuff. I only listen to it on rare occasions but it does the job.

Also of course Ulver belongs here.

This was a pretty bad attempt but maybe some time in the future I'll gather my thoughts and make this work. For now hopefully at least one thing can be found that is interesting.

I found ColdWorld's EP with the two bonus songs. ...$240.
I want it damn bad but I can't do that.
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Feeling brassic
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PostSubject: Re: Underground Soul (attempt)   Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:32 pm

The very first song reminds me of "Your bedtime story is scaring everyone" only wayyy better done

Very good job on the threads vac

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PostSubject: Re: Underground Soul (attempt)   Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:40 am

Hmm this looks interesting I'll have to flip through this when I'm done with the new rancid album :O
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PostSubject: Re: Underground Soul (attempt)   

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Underground Soul (attempt)
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