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 A Taste of Evil - List

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PostSubject: A Taste of Evil - List   Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:33 am

Here is the definition I'm using: Evil is malevolence, sadism, and that which puts fear into a person and sickens their heart.

Kältetod - Feuersbrunst
Note: Select the song.
Comment: It's kind of ridiculous that I found this song considering the band I was actually looking for is completely underground in the first place, and then these guys...I have no f***ing idea who these guys are they aren't even at the metal archives it's that ridiculous. By any means, this song is sickeningly evil. It is usually that I am listening to a song when I come up for an idea for a list. It goes something like this..."Damn this song is amazing, if I could find others that could compare to it I could make a list." I then post that song as the first song so...here you have it.

Wormphlegm - Epejumalat Monet Tesse Muinen Palveltin Lauran Ja Lesse
Comment: I know no one will disagree with this choice of a band, but some may disagree with this choice of a song. This song is my favorite Wormphlegm song and I suppose it may not be quite as evil as the demo but in terms of it feeling like you just snorted a concoction of all the sweat, blood, tears, and pain and suffering in hell it gets my pick. The definition of soul crushing.

Gorgoroth - Ritual
Comment: Still one of the only songs around that I think has a truly evil sound. The only question is which version to pick...and I pick this one because I think the vocals contribute more to the goal.

Xasthur - Keeper of Sharpened Blades And Ominous Fates
Comment: I suppose this song is more dark than anything but the beginning is pretty haunting and it keeps it up throughout.


Xasthur - Moon Shrouded In Misery
Comment: Mostly dark once again.

Mutiilation - Suffer the Gestalt
Comment: I didn't put too much thought into choosing this as the Mutiilation song but obviously there needs to be a Mutiilation song. Honestly it doesn't sound too evil to me but definitely miles ahead of other black metal.
Note: Don't look at the related videos...any damage to your hand when you sock your fist through the monitor in anger is not my responsibility.

Mutiilation - Transilvania
Comment: Thanks to IB for first showing me this. Just wait for around the 2 minute mark and enjoy what comes from your speakers / headphones.

Moëvöt - In einem Friedhof - Errance
Comment: Thanks to Lord Kur for showing me this one. Here is my thought experiment...take this song and record it onto a small recorder/player. While someone is sleeping go set it somewhere near them, like on the window, and press play and let it repeat itself. Make sure it is loud enough that they hear it but keep it a little faint so they don't know if it's real or what. Make sure it's a cold night too. I don't know...what do you think?

Impavida - Dark Skies
Comment: A very scary and intense opening followed by some good depressive black metal.

Urfaust - Verflucht das Blenden der Erscheinung
Comment: A debatable choice but you can decide for yourself if this meets the criteria of evil. I think it certainly gets somewhere close.

Mayhem - Illuminate Eliminate
Comment: Okay...now give it up for a song off of one of the best albums ever made. I'm not sure which song I should have picked off this album but I know the entire thing is great. I can't describe how I felt the first times I listened to this album. It still has the same effect in the right circumstances.

Darkthrone - In His Lovely Kingdom
Comment: The finisher for this rather difficult list for me to create, and an easy pick. You can read xjr9xjr9xjr9's comment (that's me) to get my opinion of this song that I posted 8 months ago.

So there it is...my personal list. If anyone wishes to share anything feel free.

After all that I'll just post one more that doesn't have anything to do with the goal of this list but seems to compliment everything nicely...
Darkthrone - In The Shadow Of The Horns


Slayer - Angel of Death
Hmmm...this also compliments everything nicely.
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PostSubject: Re: A Taste of Evil - List   Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:04 am

+ Rep, some great stuff there, but this thread needs some Gnaw Their Tongues:

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PostSubject: Re: A Taste of Evil - List   Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:00 pm

All right I knew I'd get something awesome that I was missing. I'll have to check out a little bit of this band sounds like it would make for a good atmosphere.
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PostSubject: Re: A Taste of Evil - List   Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:20 pm

Gnaw Their Tongues are awesome finally decided to check them out the other day lol.
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PostSubject: Re: A Taste of Evil - List   

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A Taste of Evil - List
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