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 Good morning, Winnipeg! Enjoy Pacman Jones!

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PostSubject: Good morning, Winnipeg! Enjoy Pacman Jones!   Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:57 pm

The Winniepeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League have agreed to a one-year-deal with former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Pacman Jones, according to SI's Jim Trotter. The Blue Bombers are halfway through their season and have a record of 3-5.

Pacman had been waiting for some NFL team to call, but the phone never rang. As everyone knows, he's got a long and ugly history of, well, let's call it "poor behavior," which once led to a year-long suspension by the NFL.

To his credit, though, it's been over 10 months since his last off-the-field transgression, the incident with his own team-assigned bodyguard in a Dallas hotel. While we're here, let me also congratulate the rest of you who have also gone the last 10 months without getting yourselves arrested. Way to go!

Why Pacman chose to go the Canadian route instead of the UFL route, I'm not sure. At first glance, the UFL would've made more sense, given that he'd by coached by NFL-caliber coaches, their season is over by Thanksgiving, and it would probably be easier for NFL teams to keep tabs on him. The CFL's regular season runs through early November, and that doesn't include the playoffs, though I'm sure Jones will have something in his contract that allows him to leave in an NFL team does call.

Some names from the Blue Bombers roster that might sound familiar include Craphonso Thorpe(notes), Michael Bishop and Pierre-Luc Labbé. Okay, so maybe Pierre-Luc Labbé doesn't sound familiar, but he does sound awesome, eh?

Best of luck to Pacman in his Canadian adventures, and to the Blue Bombers on their new investment.
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Good morning, Winnipeg! Enjoy Pacman Jones!
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