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 Evoken - Quietus [Review] [Funeral Death/Doom]

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PostSubject: Evoken - Quietus [Review] [Funeral Death/Doom]   Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:21 pm

Evoken - Quietus (2001)
1. "In Pestilence, Burning" 8:42
2. "Withering Indignition" 8:55
3. "Tending the Dire Hatred" 7:11
4. "Where Ghosts Fall Silent" 10:42
5. "Quietus" 10:48
6. "Embrace the Emptiness" 12:55
7. "Atrementous Journey" 4:14
Evoken puts the 'death' in "funeral doom." This album is like a massive bone-crushing soul-crushing machine, stomping ever slowly across a wasteland of ruins, graveyards, and unburied corpses. And damn I love the drums in this album. They keep the music varied and interesting while it creeps along. I recommend checking this out for anyone who likes funeral doom or is interested in what funeral doom is all about. The atmosphere is massive and gives you visions of majestic ruins and graveyards covered in a thick fog. The vocals vary between earth shaking growls and occasionally spoken word which works out pretty nicely. This is probably my favorite Evoken album. I have to hear Antithesis of Light one more time to decide. I might like that one more not sure.

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Evoken - Quietus [Review] [Funeral Death/Doom]
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