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 abergaz - sexualno zapostavljen (a song for byd)

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PostSubject: abergaz - sexualno zapostavljen (a song for byd)   Sun Nov 08, 2009 7:48 am

abergaz is a punk band from zagreb. can't say that they had any success at all but the topic of the song reminded me of byd. the title says it all - Sexually Neglected
here are the lyrics to this piece of brilliance:
Let me tell you something tragic
Maybe will that be for someone comedic

But to tell you honestly
I donít give a shit about that
I donít give a shit about that

One day I went out with chick on date
And to it was f***ing great
But when I wanted to kiss her in lips
She rushed on the paprika chips

Again I went out with her on date
And again to me Ė it was f***ing great
And just as we drank beverages in one gulp
She shouted that she doesnít like sex

And I am sexually neglected
Sexually neglected
Sexually neglected
That is me

Sexually neglected
Sexually neglected
Sexually neglected
That is me

And I am sexually neglected
Sexually neglected
Sexually neglected
Because she didnít f*** with me.../

And she takes me to her place
For one arm I hold her and second is full of condoms
While we were talking Ė I laughed her totally
Until she got naked

Than found us her dad
And he immediately started to beat me on the head
As I saw he took a real gun
I took quick run outside the house

--Chorus*-- (*instead of 'that is me' now it goes 'remained such')

She didnít!

She didnít give me, she donít want to, that doesnít matter now anyway...

i'll try to find one of there better known songs but for now here are the lyrics:
Do you wanna kebab?!?

I was going to grill house
Better say Ė kebab house
For one and only - KEBAB!

Than some woman run down on me
She was slightly over-weight
And she start Ė to stare at me!

And I was thinking....

Wanna kebab?!? Or what?!?
Say now and f*** off x2/

But she is still starring at me
Just like she want the problems
And that without - any jitters!

And I am acting that I donít see her
But inside myself I am freaking out
While all this is observing Ė by owner Hivdim

Then I say...


While I was watching where to go with kebab
She took me it by kicking it with a stick
And she started to run Ė with her cap! (WTF?!?!? Smile)

I immediately go after her
But her car wasnít slow
And then some guy starts to make fun of me Ė together with owner!

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abergaz - sexualno zapostavljen (a song for byd)
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