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 Blackstars Guide to Enjoying Extreme Metal Vocals (I totally forgot I had written this)

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PostSubject: Blackstars Guide to Enjoying Extreme Metal Vocals (I totally forgot I had written this)   Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:16 pm

So yeah I just found this in a pile of notepad documents and just thought I would post it for debate and humor lol.

Extreme Metal Vocals

ďI donít like heavy metal because I canít understand what theyíre saying.Ē Yet another phrase on my ďso help me if I here that one more time Iím gonna (insert vile form of torture/murder here)Ē list. Seriously though as Iím fairly certain everyone reading this knows that there are very easy to understand and operatic clean vocalists in the world of metal. But that however is not our topic for discussion for the day; our topic today has to do with extreme vocals. While I agree there are a number of metal and grind vocalists I canít understand without a book I personally think thatís part of the fun of metal and first of all and most importantly it just sounds cool. Iím going to have to be somewhat immature here and actually admit that isnít the fact that itís hard to understand a bit of the draw to extreme vocals. I mean when I first started listening and even a bit today the fact that other people complain about not being able to understand extreme vocals as much as it annoys me to an extent it sort of makes me happy. To me it almost has a bit of that feeling of having your own code or language that only you and other metalheads understand. I know Iím not the only person here who has sat up late at night under the covers of your bed with a flashlight and a CD booklet trying to decipher the lyrics to some song your certain that your mother wouldnít want you to listen to. And honestly that secrecy that different ness to extreme metal is part of the mystique in my opinion. It was and still is part of the fun of finding a band liking the music or just hearing the vocals and being like ďA human being can do that!Ē and then looking up the lyrics so you can find out what the songs about. Then slowly as you listen to more and more of the band you develop the ability to understand the vocals as I now find myself being able to understand easily a large number of vocalists I previously couldnít. So by now Iím pretty sure you understand my opinion on the matter and just to be a dork.

Blackstarís guide to extreme vocals!!!
1) Simply do you like the sound of the vocalistís voice?
2) If you like the sound do you really even care what he/she is saying (I know Iím not the only one who does this with some bands)
3) If you do then just listen to the song while reading the lyrics and try to keep up (it gets easier I swear)
4) Listen to other bands with similar vocal styles.
5) Just remember there is no one way to perform extreme vocals.

Soon you too will be able to enjoy extreme metal.
(Wow I really feel like a geek now, oh wait I am.)

Stay Heavy,
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PostSubject: Re: Blackstars Guide to Enjoying Extreme Metal Vocals (I totally forgot I had written this)   Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:23 pm

I agree...we all grow and mature to different types of metal and music imo. I will admit that in the beginning when I was first listening to metalcore before I even knew it was classified as such I used to think screaming and not understanding the lyrics was stupid. Thought the bands and people who listened to them were retarded lol

well I was wrong, I find that I don't like what is called a "normal" singing style much at all anymore lol

I will admit that reading the lyrics as you follow a song makes the song that much better.

not necessarily the extremist of vocals but this song is one I've been enjoying lately and the lyrics are posted...reading along with the song makes it that much better

Dark Lunacy - Heart of Leningrad
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PostSubject: Re: Blackstars Guide to Enjoying Extreme Metal Vocals (I totally forgot I had written this)   Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:28 pm

What I find humerous and almost downright enjoyable is the ignorance about metal, more specifically extreme vocals. I was one of the people a few years back that classified anything with extreme non-traditional vocals as "screamo", and I feel like an idiot for grouping so many different styles into one. But now that I've discovered the vast genre known as metal I can look back and laugh. I think it's hard for the average music listener to get into extreme vocals simply because it's different. But as with all things in the history of music, it is catching on (mostly with the abhorrent -core subgenres) and becoming something people can enjoy. I think with alot of us core metalheads, we enjoy the fact that extreme metal has flown under the radar, and has been looked down upon. I'm not sure it's that we like that we can't understand some extreme vocals, but that we like the fact that so many people are foolish and ignorant about them. It makes it something that we can cherish more because people are imbeciles.

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PostSubject: Re: Blackstars Guide to Enjoying Extreme Metal Vocals (I totally forgot I had written this)   

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Blackstars Guide to Enjoying Extreme Metal Vocals (I totally forgot I had written this)
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