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 The NEw super mario bros wii review

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PostSubject: The NEw super mario bros wii review   Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:07 am

yeah no creative titles this time. First of all I don't have a wii so it was hard to review this game, I had to hangout with people I don't really like just to play this game. But let me tell you this is one fun mario game. Mario and sidescroll is just the perfect match. Nintendo has never really gone wrong with mario, except when they give him some stupid adventure like, mario does his taxes IN SPACE, but still mario game great. this had all the fun of the originals plus some fun new additions. Like Co-op Play, yeah grab a friend (make sure he doesn't suck) and you can go Hard on the mushroom kingdom. Make sure your friend doesn't suck though cause once they die everything gets jumbled you screw up and you die, or worse lose your power up to a goomba. Controls are basically the same as for any mario side scroller, move from left to right, play with a side ways wii mote, there was a bunch of motion controls but I stayed away from the new power ups and shit I stuck with my fire flower bitches. thats pretty much it, but this game is f***ing awesome I love mario games especially side scrollers, yeah theres probably a bunch of crap I haven't covered and I only made it to world 2 in an afternoon of playing but trust me, a must have if you have a wii, and if you dont buy the game and go to that friend you dont really like that has a wii and play it at their house
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The NEw super mario bros wii review
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