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 Howl- S/T EP (Sludge/Stoner)

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PostSubject: Howl- S/T EP (Sludge/Stoner)   Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:58 pm

Originally posted by me at http://circleofdestruction.net/howl-st/

Rhode Islandís Howl have really created some kind of monstrosity, with their debut EP they pummel you with 13 minutes of crushing stoner sludge. Damn fucking heavy are probably the best words I can come up with to describe it but seeing as that really isnít an apt review Iíll attempt to use my words a bit more.

First off while I have never done this in the past (first time for everything I guess) I really want to comment on the excellent packaging the album comes in. The single fold digi has its front graced with a purely eye catching cover (one of the best Iíve seen in a while) opened to the inside to the lyrics written in on the left cover. Which I thought was a rather unique and interesting presentation and a band photo collage behind the CD.

Musically there are three tracks presented on the EP. The first track Oma has an explosive opener that screams sludge with the riffing of a stoner band that almost hints at a Baroness vibe. However as soon as the harsh growls kick in that vibe is thrown straight out for a much darker more sinister vibe that will carry throughout the remainder of the EP.

The band shows excellent use of bass and drums working together while the guitars form chug and solo harmonies, every instrument working independently but unified in goal.

The second track and my personal favorite And the Gnawing begins with rolling drums and stoner riffs much like the previous track and carries on much in the same vein. Like the first track it really shows off the bands excellent sense of timing and their ability to shift gears multiple times within a song from slow paced to more mid paced without it ever really seeming awkward.

The third and final track Kings that Steal does differ a bit from the first two in that it has a far more doom laden vibe to it. The track starting off mid paced and menacing before building itself up to a furious roar of sound then slowing back down to a pounding crawl. They again show excellent use of tempo.

An all in all excellent debut release and with them in the studio I canít wait to see what they unearth next.
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Howl- S/T EP (Sludge/Stoner)
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