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 BRUCE DICKINSON's Video Message For IRON MAIDEN's Peruvian Fans

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PostSubject: BRUCE DICKINSON's Video Message For IRON MAIDEN's Peruvian Fans   Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:43 pm

A one-and-a-half-minute video message from IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson to the band's Peruvian fans can be viewed below.

IRON MAIDEN is scheduled to perform at the Estadio Nacional in Lima, Peru on March 26, 2009. Bruce says in the clip, "The thing that we're really looking forward to is trying to get out and doing some exploring of the tremendous history and culture that Peru has to offer, something that we are very excited about. We've actually got a couple of days which we've got spare in Peru and we're gonna be trying to get ourselves really busy if we can tear ourselves away from what I'm sure is gonna be some pretty intense socializing with Peruvians."

Following the huge international success of their spectacular Somewhere Back In Time World Tour 08, IRON MAIDEN will be taking to the skies once again in 2009 for a fourth and final leg starting in Dubai on February 13.

Loaded up with a full complement of band, crew and twelve tons of stage set and equipment, the band's customized Boeing 757, christened Ed Force One by the fans and flown again by Astraeus Airlines captain and MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson, will once again be circumnavigating 80,000 km around the planet for concerts in 19 cities in eleven countries, making it a staggering 37 countries in total visited on this tour, playing to almost two million fans.

Taking off in early February, MAIDEN will make their first appearances in New Zealand for 16 years via Dubai and Bangalore followed by the long haul journey for a return to Mexico in some even larger venues and then finishing with an extended run through Central and South America to include countries and cities they have not visited before.

The Somewhere Back In Time tour revisits the band's history by focusing almost entirely on the '80s in both choice of songs played and the stage set, which is based around the legendary Egyptian production of the 1984-85 Powerslave Tour which was featured on the recent DVD "Live After Death". This is arguably the most elaborate and spectacular show the band have ever presented, and will include some key elements of their Somewhere In Time tour of 1986/7, such as the Cyborg Eddie.
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BRUCE DICKINSON's Video Message For IRON MAIDEN's Peruvian Fans
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