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 IMPENDING DOOM: Video Footage From The Studio Posted Online

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PostSubject: IMPENDING DOOM: Video Footage From The Studio Posted Online   Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:04 am

California-based Christian death metallers IMPENDING DOOM have enteredLambesis Studios in San Diego with Tim Lambesis and Daniel Castleman (AS I LAY DYING, WAR OF AGES, WINDS OF PLAGUE) to begin recording their sophomore album, "The Serpent Servant", due on March 31 through Facedown Records. The CD will then be mixed and mastered by Zeuss (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL, TERROR).

Video footage from the recording studio can be viewed below.

IMPENDING DOOM will soon announce some big tour plans in support of "The Serpent Servant". The band will also be one of the headliners of the 10th annual Facedown Fest in Pomona, California.

IMPENDING DOOM's debut album, "Nailed. Dead. Risen.", was released in September 2007 via Facedown Records.

IMPENDING DOOM refers to its style of Christian metal as "gorship" a portmanteau of gore and worship. The band also clarify on their MySpace blog that "gorship" is their way of worshipping God through their gore-sounding music; not worshipping "gore" as some are led to believe.

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IMPENDING DOOM: Video Footage From The Studio Posted Online
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