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 Mayhem Festival 2009 Review

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PostSubject: Mayhem Festival 2009 Review   Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:07 pm

Hey guys sorry to double post this but it was hidden in another topic so I decided to actually throw it up here.

Mayhem Fest
Auburn Washington, White River Ampitheatre

We arrived about an hour early for the concert and hoped into line rather quickly thanks to our preordered holo tickets which got preference. After waiting in line for an hour and already becoming somewhat sunburnt we finally started moving. The process was rather painless and it only took like 3 min. to get in though we did lose our water bottles we brought because they were over 20 ounces.

The setup for the concert was rather well done im my opinion. Out in the secondary parking lot they had the Hottopic and Jager stage set up side by side so that there was literally no set up time between bands. The moment that one stoped the other began which was rather nice. The band and record label tents were located only a few hundred yards away from the stages making it easy to wander around and still hear the music.

After getting in the first thing I did was decided to hit the band tents where I quickly grabbed a Behemoth shirt. I decided to head over to the Prosthetic records tent to get a Skeletonwitch shirt, but they didn't have XXL so I decided to go to the Metal Blade tent and get one of their shirts for spite (lol) and grabbed the new Goatwhore CD for $10. It was at this point they announced that Behemoth would be signing in 10 min and I was the first in line. I excidedly waited only at the 5min mark to be told that I hadn't bought anything from the Hottopic tent so I had to get out of line. I thought this was rather annoying so I decided to go and watch Whitechapel play.

I have to admit that I was really impressed with Whitechapel. They had a good stage presence and sounded great for such a young band, and they fact that they are from my home state made it a little better. After Whitechapel the Jager band "Northwest Royale" took the stage. After about half a song I found them to be boring and we decided to wander to the other side of the area to look at the shop tents. After having a discussion with a random guy about my King Diamond shirt we headed back to watch the Black Dahlia Murder.

BDM were incredibly fun live with alot of energy, the band especially the vocalist sound superb live. They hit on several of their hits and even played a new track from their upcomming album which sounded very promising.

After BDM I went over to the Jager stage to watch God Forbid who despite suffering from really bad sound work making them far too quiet they sounded amazing. I was really excited to see them and I didn't leave dissapointed. About half way through God Forbid my girlfriend decided she needed to go sit down so I stayed to finish the set and watch Job For a Cowboy. JFAC sounded really good but after two songs I decided that I was rather hungry and that between God Forbid and BDM they weren't that impressive so I decided to find my girlfriend and get some food.

After eating we decided to head back to get ready to see Behemoth and caught the last three songs from All That Remains. The band sounded good and I actually recognized two of the songs and I'm a bit more interested in checking them out. After ATR it was only a matter of seconds before Behemoth took the stage tearing into Demigod, Slaves Shall Serve, At the Left Hand Ov God, Ov Fire and the Void (which sounded excellent), and Chant for Eschaton. They may have played another song but I can't recall for certain. Reguardless they sounded absolutely killer! I would love to get to see them in a better setting with a longer setlist some day.

After Behemoth I decided to skip out on Trivium and headed over to the mainstage so my girlfriend could watch Bullet for my Valentine. According to the schedual Cannibal Corpse were supposed to play after Bullet on a different stage so I decided I would stay for about two of their songs and then head over to see CC. This is where things got bad. BFMV took the stage promptly and kicked off with one of my favorites Waking the Demon. Musically they sounded good but their vocalist just couldnt' seem to stay on tune or on time with the songs dragging it down. After a second track I headed off to CC it was at this point I noticed a large number of people in CC shirts headed up the stairs. The schedual was very very wrong. After discovering this I learned more than a few of us had been fucked by the schedual during the course of the day. Pissed off at not getting to see CC i headed back to our seats and wached the rest of BFMV. Higlights included Hand of Blood and Scream Aim Fire but not much else to mention.

Next up where Killswitch Engage who tore onto the stage with pure gusto. I was really looking forward to them and fortunately for my pissed off self they didn't fail to impress me and helped to make up for the lack of Cannibal in my musical diet for the day. They sounded good and Howard's vocals were spot on. They played a good number of hits and finished with their rousing Holy Diver cover.

Finally the time had arrived for Slayer to take the stage. What can I even begin to say about Slayer? They came, they killed us all, they left a wake of broken bodies and burning buildings. They chose a nice varied song list from quite a few of their albums incorperating the new Psycothcapy Red into the set which blended nicely. I overall can't complain about hte set list getting to hear Dead Skin Mask, South of Heaven, Angel of Death, and Raining Blood what can I really complain about.

As the final performer Manson took the stage amongst blaring electronics, flashing lights, and smoke pouring from all corners of the stage. Manson stuck to what he knows best taking to his agressive stage presence and tons of lights. In my opinion the actual performance was enough to keep one entertained before even adding in the music as a factor. However onto that Manson chose a nice setlist consisting of mostly older material actually which was a nice touch. He included only two new songs which sounded much better live and completely avoided his previous album Eat Me, Drink Me. High notes of course were Sweet Dreams, Beautiful People, and Dope Show which were really the only "greatest hits" that he played. Personally I thought that he chose an excellent set list and I was much more impressed than I expected to be. I also learned at festivals if you wait til the way out you can get the festival shirt for $10 instead of $30 which was a nice improvement in price in my opinion.
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Mayhem Festival 2009 Review
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