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 Mad Season

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PostSubject: Mad Season   Tue May 04, 2010 10:18 pm

Okay, I realize these guys are not metal, and yes I apologize for bringing up Grunge once more, but I believe they're to good not to thoroughly share. It's a supergroup comprised of some of the biggest icons of the Grunge scene, fresh out of rehab.

Layne Staley (Vocals and backing guitar) - Alice in Chains
Mike McCready (Lead Guitar) - Pearl Jam
John Baker (Bass) - The Walkabouts
Barrett Martin (Drums) - Screaming Trees

After listening to metal for hours, these guys are nice to unwind to. These guys bring a fuse of the slightly metal/rock sounds they previously played as, and a very soulful blues element. They produced their one and only album, Above, shortly before the death of Layne. The songs are full of the sorrow, frustration, and agony they all had endured. All the songs are beautiful and meaningful, and I challenge you to give them a try.

Lifeless Dead

I like this video and song probably the most, it's of them just jamming, and the meaning of the song is deeply sad.

River of Deceit

A soothing acoustic song.

Artificial Red

Displays the blues element of it the best.
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Mad Season
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