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 My old short stories

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PostSubject: My old short stories   Wed May 05, 2010 11:04 pm

Went back through the forum and found these, I might start writing a big one. It's interested me again.

A Warriors Plight

As I walk through the forests as what you know now as Romania, I ponder the questions of life brought before me. As I do, I hear a slight rustle in the bushes behind myself. Knowing its either a bear or deer, i continue as it will bring no harm to me. But, I hear a strange sound, so instinctually I duck as a arrow grazes my ear. Pulling out my dagger i jump to the side, reckoning that i have only seconds to react before the next move is made by adversary. I just notice at that moment that i am getting ambushed and my ear is in worse condition then I previously thought. Taking my knowledge of my surroundings, I climb the nearest tree and wait for my assailent to come near me. I hear rustling in the bushes and then, a strange figure pops out. He looks almost human, but his eyelids close horizantally instead of vertically, and he walks with a mysterious gait I have never before seen. Knowing now is the chance to strike. I jump and land on my assailent's head to destroy him while i have the chance, i slash the back of his neck open and strange liquids of almost emerald green liquid start pouring out of him. He makes a shreik so deafening, I have to claw at my ears to not destroy my hearing. Before I can let my assailent die, I ask him who sent him and what his purpose was with me. He replies "Your king thinks you have been blasphemes to his cause, and i have been sent to teach you how terrible the king can be." As he dies in my arms, I feel a sharp jolt in my thigh, which was the beak he concealed beneath his cowl rushing through my muscles.

Chamber of Lost Souls

As I walked through the catacombs of Bjorg, I came across a closed off door. Being my curious self, I opened the door to discover a mutilated array of decomposing body parts. Strangely, the bodies only just began to decompose even though the tomb has been around for millenia. As i walk through the mutilations, I discover a body chained to the wall, more of a corpse. The body had nails through its eyes, and it's limbs were torn off and replaced with chains of a rustic compostion, from which I couldn't tell where they connected. As i got closer, I began to discover this body was in almost prestine condition, though the runes on tattoo'd onto his chest indicated being from a few eons ago. Suddenly, the body began to stir and made a herendous noise. and disconnected from the wall and started to swing around from the chains hooked to the ceiling. I just barely got my shield up in time before he swung one chain at my head. Knowing it was the time to counter, i swung at his chest, opening it up to a pour of grey matter and gore. I raised my shield a secong time to defend myself from the next attack, and as I lowered my guard, I noticed the wound I had just created had healed, but his body began to shrivel to a more mummified form. Ducking from the next blow, i cut of the chains he used on his lower thighs, gaining a advantage in the fight. If he tried to swing with his arms, he was off balance and had to regain it before he could do anything else. I struck at the other chains, cutting them and watched the creature drop to the ground, cursing in his ancient text. I hacked and hacked at his corpse until the pieces of his body were small enough to no be able to come back together.

The Tale of The Traveling Bard (my favorite one)

As I continue pondering the questions of my life, I come back to a story of a bard. I once was in a tavern in the small town of Rashentime and was discussing the matters currently at hand with an old man, when a strange being walked in.I could not exactly tell what this being was as he had a cloak and pack on and had a strange force that seemed to be emmiting from his body, as if his very soul was full of magic. As he continued on towards the bar, I could feel a small chill go down my spine and instinct told me not to let this stranger sit by me, but I took his coming near with great indistinction. As he sat down, I could hear the old man sitting next to me started singing a tune of elves and strange lands. I took a liking to the tune a while before this old man sang, and tried to continue it on, as I did know the notes and rhythm and such of the tune. As I started, I heard a lute starting to play. As I found out, the strange being was playing the lute. He continued the lyrics to the song and even improvised on it. As I examined, his fingers had such dexterity with the lute and it's if he was using magic to play it, because he knew the exact tune without even bothering a glance towards what he was doing. The whole tavern got hushed as this stranger played, and then something unexpected happened. He started to sing, and the sound of his voice was so beautiful, it was as if a thousand songbirds began to sing in unison. We all had tears towards this godlike tune, and a few woman even started to gather around the stranger. This man, clearly blessed by Apollo himself, was and still is the most skilled musician I have ever heard. When he finished, the crowd started to cheer at his most epic aria, but then he raised his hand said,"If you cheer for my song because it is beautiful, then you are mistaken, because the whole time I sang of tales of a evil king who reign over a thousand years this time. You should cheer for this king isn't alive anymore, because I personally witnessed his rule, and he was of the most terrible dispostion. So praise, for we live in a time of peace." And with that, he left the tavern leaving everyone speechless, but I had dared to follow this strange "man" out to get in a few words with him. Before I so much as stepped twice, he stopped me and signaled me outside. I wasn't sure what to do, for at that point I may have feared for my life. So I did as he asked. As soon as we left the tavern, he spoke to me. I didn't understand the bulk of the conversation, as he spoke in riddles, but when he was done he handed me a small box and walked off. I never saw the bard again and to this day, I have not opened the box, for I fear the power of the gods are contained in it.
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PostSubject: Re: My old short stories   Thu May 06, 2010 1:02 pm

These are great. Very Happy I'd like the 3rd one most too. You should write moar. I wanna know what's next x]
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My old short stories
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