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 metal sucks guys.... geesh

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Ninja Viking Lord of the Pit of Despair and Stuff
Ninja Viking Lord of the Pit of Despair and Stuff

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PostSubject: metal sucks guys.... geesh   Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:12 am


im surprised people havent figure out its a troll. lol. i got a kick out of it. thought i would share for some reason. im kinda really bored Sleep :geek: :geek: Sleep Sleep Sleep :geek: :geek: Sleep Sleep lol! :geek: Sleep Sleep Sleep lol! lol! fight lol! :mis: santa :rendeer: :cyclops: Sleep :twisted: No No beer :afro: 🤣 😡 death metal :copter: :gbb: :gbb: :gbb: :gbb: :don:

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metal sucks guys.... geesh
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