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PostSubject: THE HAPPIEST STORY EVER!   Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:30 pm

So back when I was in High School, I wanted to be a writer...

This is one of the better thingies I wrote...enjoy?!

The Black God’s Reign

The guard lunged at Enryas, his spear nearly hitting the young warrior. The protector tried again, more hastily this time; but his opponent was too fast. Enryas grabbed the spear as they started a tug-of-war with it. Neither side was letting up; Enryas head butted the soldier as he went into the wall. He had to let go of his spear, as Enryas saw his chance to strike. The warrior charged the guard with such speed that was like the gods themselves; the guard ended up impaled, the spear driven far into the stone wall. “You have moments to live…what will you choose to do with them?” he asked the half-dead guard.
The guard was stunned by such a question, he had not really thought of that himself; but he glared at Enryas, noting his features; he was a being not fit for this world, his dashing looks were almost unimaginable, his wings were black and gold; they were also feathered which is not something that a human sees every day, even if the Zavriels are becoming about as common as the humans. His features made him look near-godly, his snow white hair and fair skin just made his appearance look all that much better, yet most Zavriels were docile, beautiful creatures; in fact, this particular guard had never even seen a Zavriel attack anything before. “W-who are you?” the guard asked, “have the Zavriels betrayed our great lord?”
Enryas glared at the guard, “Great? You humans call that thing great?” He stretched out his palm; the guard was shaking, he figured he was going to die; he had already lost a lot of blood from the long fight with this strange being. “By the gods...you humans really are past redemption.” The guard just wanted to embrace death now, it would be a godsend to him; he felt the energy starting to leave his body, but it was happening far too quickly…he felt as if he was in motion, and everything was moving with him. Enryas’ hand shined brightly, a ball of white energy was being held in it, “Goodbye mortal, this is for your own race,” and everything around the guard went black, he could feel nothing…
* * *
“Narganal!” A guard rushed into the king’s dark chambers. The guard could feel the piercing eyes of the king, he felt as if they were piercing his skin, into his very soul. “My Great Lord Narganal,” the guard bowed on one knee, and looked up to the king’s dark throne; all he could see was blackness though, yet the guard could feel the presence of something vile sitting upon the throne.
“Speak,” a dark voice thundered throughout the entire room, “or I shall have your head for wasting my time.”
“Yes my lord,” the guard stood up, he backed up a couple of feet to avoid anything like a trap-door. “Recently, our scouts have gotten word of a lone Zavriel storming the castle; he has broken in and he is carving through our forces outside these corridors; I fear for your safety, your majesty.” his voice was quivering,“ If you wish it, I will assist you in leaving these castle walls.”
The guard heard a gruesome sound, as if bones that had not been moved in years were cracking and moving for the first time, “you fear for my safety…you pathetic mortal, you should fear for your own…what makes you think that I could not take a single, pathetic Zavriel?”
“This one is different, my lord; he seems to get a little bit stronger every time he kills one of our warriors. We have lost three scouts and twenty guardsmen, every kill he makes is faster than the last, it is almost as if he’s learning our technique!” the guard took a breath, he was scared out of his mind, not of any Zavriel, but of his own king…even he felt that this strange man, who calls himself Narganal has ruled for far too long. Though his rule has had mankind conquer many lands, something must be done soon, “My lord…please…for your kingdom.”
The guard could hear footsteps, approaching the old guard, “never,” the guard could see a figure, “ever, even request what I do…I rule this kingdom!” the guard strained his eyes, he felt the cold chill of fear pricking his back. “Lowly, filthy human; I was sent by the gods themselves!” The guard could see the outline glowing in the shadows, “and you are relieved of your service.” The guard could feel pain, throughout his entire body, almost as if his blood had turned to acid.
He screamed, “My lord, please, why have you done this?” he could see his eyes now, they were horrid. Everything went black for the guard as his body gave up on him.
* * *
Enryas looked at the gates, “behind this door lies my greatest challenge,” he said to himself. “The vile being that forced me to take the lives of millions,” the Zavriel clenched his fist. “Narganal,” he shouted, “I swear, I’ll kill you! Now open these gates so we can end this!” Enryas held out his hand, “I have killed all of the Black Gods except you,” blue energy started to coalesce in his hand, “you do not stand a chance!” Enryas blasted the door with the energy that he formed in his hand. “The Final Black God, King Narganal shall fall to his own angel of death,” ice froze the door; Enryas kicked it. The door shattered and cracked; it was enough space for the Zavriel to fit through. Inside the room, it was pitch black.
Enryas looked around, the Zavriel heard whispers on the other side of the room, “Show yourself!” he shouted. Another blast of blue energy formed, and he quickly launched it, but it did little as it moved too quickly and nothing happened at the wall; all that he could tell was that the wall was about fifty feet away. Enryas started hearing a tiny amount of laughter…a giggle or something of the sort; torches started erupting on the wall with fire as bright as the sun. He could see a figure standing still on the other side, smirking, “Narganal!” The figure wore red armor, it covered half of his body, and the other half was covered in what looked to be tightly wrapped cloth bandages, bloodstained. His skin was the color of a pale yellowish grey, or at least the skin on his face that could be seen, most of it too was covered in bandages, the rest was covered in armor and bandages. Enryas could see dead bodies everywhere, most were piled up off the red carpet which led to the dark throne, the putrid stench of rotten carrion in the air and now filled the hallways, “Narganal! Did you kill these people?”
The Black God stared blankly at him, “why yes, of course.” Enryas looked at the dead bodies, among them, he could see guardsmen, women and even some children, “all sacrifices to their great lord, every single one of them.” Narganal cracked a grin under his wrapped bandages, “I am a master of deception, my dark angel.”
Enryas stuttered for a second, trying to get the words out, but not finding a way, he thought for a second about his options. My only option is to kill him, I may have to take my own life in the process; but I have already accepted that I may die here today. He said, “of all the people to anger; you had to choose one of the few who would actually strike back. I don’t care if you are a god or worship the gods, you die here!”
Narganal smiled, “You honestly think you could do it?” he held a blade in each hand, completely bloodstained. “All of these pathetic mortals have failed, what makes you think that you will be any different?”
“I am a Zavriel, and I have a reason to slaughter you!” Enryas rose into the air with one strong flap of his wings. “You wish to destroy our race, and you used me to do it!” he floated in the air for a second, then he charged the Black God. “You made me kill all that was sacred to me!”
Enryas used his flight to his extreme advantage; he flew towards Narganal and kicked him in his chest-plate, denting it. The Black God countered with a couple of sword slashes, though nothing hit it forced the Zavriel to land. Enryas counterattacked with a powerful sweeping kick; Narganal leapt into the air and countered with a stab from each sword, he got both of Enryas’ wings. He felt the blades in his wings as Narganal slowly started twisting each blade, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise. The unbearable pain caused the Zavriel to writhe in agony. Narganal brought the blades full circle before completely slicing them out of Enryas. He made the beautiful wings blood-soaked and useless.
Narganal gave Enryas a moment to stand up, “I’ve gotten rid of your minor advantage over me, My angel of death, why do you not give up and accept defeat.” The Black God looked down at his armored chest-plate, he noticed the cracks and large dent where Enryas had kicked him. He looked back up at the near defeated Enryas, he still had not gotten up. “Perhaps you are already ready to die?”
“Where is Zelphon Sphore?” Enryas asked as he lay, nearly defeated on the ground. He did not try to get up, he had a plan formulating in his head, he just needed to buy some time. But he could not move, his wings were still bleeding and horribly mangled.
But Narganal looked absolutely appalled by mention of that name; he tore off the bandages around his mouth and nose. He was grinding his teeth, through his locked jaw, he say, “How in the Abyss of Natercrosimene do you know that name?” He walked up next to the Zavriel and knelt down next to him. “No one should know that name!”
“Oh! But I do, I wonder, how would you feel about meeting him again, Narganal?” Enryas smirked; his trump-card seems to have worked. The look in Narganal’s non-covered eye was worth using it in and of itself. Enryas kicked Narganal in his back, he used his legs and propelled himself upwards, “Well, he’s coming, and he’s angry, Narganal. I think that you know what that means.” He landed back on the ground on his feet. Still bleeding profusely at his wings, he raised his fists, ready for another round.
* * *
“Master, what’s wrong?” Aven asked the powerful Zelphon Sphore as he stopped from charging. He held an axe in his huge hands and looked to the sky after standing up straight.
“Enryas, he’s fighting Narganal,” the master said quietly to his young disciple. “If he defeats him, it will just usher something even more powerful and evil to take the Black God’s place.”
“Do you really think so? I mean, Enryas is so powerful,” the student looked hopefully at the master as he continued to gaze into the sky. “He is the only one who can defeat him.”
“Aven, mankind is a weak-minded species, they look to those who are charismatic and have enough leadership skills to lead them to victory, or to those that are powerful thus they fear them. Without Narganal, however vile he is and ho matter how many dark acts he has committed or will commit, mankind will be lost. I do not think that Enryas realizes this. No matter how great of a cause it is to destroy Narganal, mankind is not ready.”
Aven looked around; he dropped his sword on the ground. “So does that mean that we are always to deal with Narganal?” he asked as he looked up at the sky like his master.
“No, there will be a time where man will be able to live on their own, young one. Unfortunately, it is not at this time.” He looked down to his young apprentice, “I’m not even sure if Enryas will be able to beat Narganal, without the skills that I taught him.”
“He will beat Narganal,” Aven looked back at his master, “he will, I can guarantee it! And if not, you can get in involved, can’t you?”
Zelphon looked sympathetically at his apprentice, “we shall see, young one; we shall see…”
* * *
Enryas charged Narganal once again; his furious fists hit with nearly every attack. Narganal could barely dodge. Though his wings were still bleeding, he tried to ignore it to the best of his ability. He kicked Narganal in the chest-plate again and sent him flying back; which gave the Zavriel enough time to gather some energy. His hand glow a gold color as he outstretched his palm in front of Narganal’s bandaged face. “Now you die!” the gold energy bursted before the Zavriel in a blinding ray of light.
Enryas looked down at the Black God; the bandages on his face were now torn and he could see his full face. It was a strange sight, Narganal had the face of a Zavriel, yet the body of a human. His eyes were half-shut, it appeared that Enryas had defeated the Black God.
Suddenly all of the pain that he ignored had once again taken hold; he knelt down on one knee, “Mankind is done with you Narganal, I have released them from your grasp.” He crawled over to the fallen enemy, and took both of his blades. On them, runes were inscribed; the Zavriel took the sheaths off of Narganal’s body along with the blades. He said to the near-dead Narganal, “payment for the damage you have caused to my wings, your death will pay in full.”
The blades looked rather remarkable, both were shaped strangely, to create the most pain possible for the victim, Enryas assumed.
Enyras stood up, using both of the blades for support; drained from the pain and the energy of that last attack, he said, “It’s funny, I came here to defeat you, and release your hold on mankind, yet all I had to sacrifice in turn was mere flesh.”
Enryas nearly jumped as Narganal responded, “That is not all you will have to sacrifice once I’m through with you,” a huge barricade fell over where the door once stood, “you will never escape!” spikes started erupting from the ground, forcing Enryas to move. Narganal’s body was impaled several times through the spikes. Black blood flowed from his new wounds as the Black God’s body was utterly destroyed.
Enryas kept dodging the spikes; he used his ice blast whenever he saw the need to use it to save himself; it froze the spikes in the floor before they could erupt and injure the Zavriel further.
Narganal’s body was now completely destroyed, his blood flowed everywhere in the room; parts of it were frozen as well from Enryas’ ice blast. When the spikes finally finished erupting from the ground, Enryas realized that he had gotten to safety by standing on some of the sacrificed bodies. The Zavriel felt his stomach turn as the red blood flowed from them as well. He remembered back to his younger days; before he hated Narganal, before the task was to be carried out.

“Master Narganal, I don’t want to do this,” Enryas stood up from his bowing position in the dark room. “This is murder,” he continued, “what would I accomplish by doing this? I would never be able to be returned to my homeland if they knew that I killed a whole settlement of these people.”
Enyras looked into the darkness and waited for a response from his king, “Do not worry about that, my young angel, you do not need to plague yourself with those thoughts, let me worry about issues such as that, and you may worry about other problems, such as finding a way to strengthen your great wings.” Enryas opened his mouth to respond, but he was interrupted again by Narganal’s strangely calm voice. “The more things like this you do for me; the quicker you can return to your homeland, and that is all that I desire from you.”
Enryas got up, he was sick of the formal pleasantries that he had to show to this king whom he didn’t even like, never mind trust, “look, my lord, I am not doing this, Zavriels are not beings who kill, you should know that. Get one of the humans to destroy the village, you will get much more positive results.”
All Enryas heard was, “and why is that my young warrior?”
“Because this is not something that I would ever put all my heart and energy into, you must realize that this goes against my teachings, the Zavriel’s teachings. My master would never allow this, if he was still alive.” Enryas stood up to leave, “get someone else to kill those people; blood is not meant to be spilled by a Zavriel.”
“And why is blood never meant to be spilled by a Zavriel? I have heard of your great hidden power Enryas, your people are peaceful for a reason, am I wrong?”
The Zavriel stopped, “how did you know that Narganal?” He turned around to face Narganal, “the Zavriels have been peaceful since the Great Eclipse, when the Black Gods first arrived in this realm. Before that, we were a rather vicious race; or we were at least like the humans, always striving to conquer more, but we found the errors in our ways and became a peaceful race.” Enryas sighed, “and that is why I utterly refuse to assist you in this, it will be done better if a human does it, Zavriels do not spill blood.”
“Then so be it, it just makes your stay in this realm last much, much longer,” Enryas heard a slight sigh from the shadows, “I am only trying to help you my young angel.”

Enryas slipped back into consciousness, he heard bones breaking underneath him. The spikes retreated back into the floor below. He looked for Narganal’s body on the floor. Black fluid was everywhere, it flowed like a stream from Narganal’s mutilated body. Enryas thought my work here is done, I have done it, I have defeated the Black God Narganal.
Suddenly, Narganal’s body started to glow, it shined the same light that Enryas had taken him down with as it started to slowly rise off the ground. A black energy started to come from the body, and it covered Narganal’s body completely. After about a minute, that energy formed into a shell around Narganal’s body.
The shell started growing bigger and bigger, it disintegrated the bodies around it. Enryas tried to get away, but soon he felt the black energy on his body. He could hear voices, screams and other noises as his body was completely consumed by the black fire. He felt pain, but strangely, it was not even nearly as painful as when his wings were sliced. He felt as it he was in another realm, it was harder to breathe inside this shell of energy, but he was on the inside of it now.
“Now you face my true form, my Angel of Death!” as Enryas looked around, all he could see was darkness, he could not see what was around him. But he was in another place, readying himself for the battle that was about to take place…

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PostSubject: Re: THE HAPPIEST STORY EVER!   Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:10 pm

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