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 The King (Poem?)

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Lightning Rider

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PostSubject: The King (Poem?)   Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:21 pm

Even the king, as he waves to his loyal subjects, knows that he will eventually be replaced and his son after him and he and he, and though he may be missed, his once loyal following will move on.
And this most gracious king has no say as to when and how he will move on. He does not control when this day falls, when his curtain calls.
And if this king, who believes himself above the man who gives his life in his country's name, a man who has shed bood and seen much blood shed, if the king is indeed above this man, well he must be some man indeed.
Perhaps you could lend your guidance to this seriously misguided soul who had fallen under the belief that they fight for us, not we for them. That they serve us, not we serve them. That they owe us, not we owe them.
For they say they serve the country, and the country is it's people, yet the people serve the king.
I am to be executed, they say, for misconduct, for I refuse to bow and kiss his ring.
Now, you may remember that I said this man's days were numbered and surely I must take solice in this, but when was the last time that the successor succeeded?
You see the only solice I take is in the knowledge that one day we will all be judged.
I fight for country, not king. For the people, not the ring, while the only thing the king has left to fight is time.
What will he do when that curtain falls?
Atleast I know I have blood to wipe off and a soul to cleanse.
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Problem Child

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PostSubject: Re: The King (Poem?)   Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:34 pm

Shady, as always...

...you fucking bard.
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The King (Poem?)
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