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 "Between the Static and the Darkness"

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Feeling brassic
Feeling brassic

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PostSubject: "Between the Static and the Darkness"   Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:46 pm

There is a bit of confusion here. The author says his brother is named Justin, then calls him Adam. I have a feeling he didn't want to use his bro's real name but it came out by accident, anyway I think this is a part 1 thing. Fuck thank god I had my own room growing up

In 1994, I was all of 16 years old and my younger brother, Justin, was 12 years of age. We had just moved into a mid-70s, quaint house and were just getting settled into the new neighborhood when things started to get a bit odd to say the least.

It was summer time and our parents were extremely lax on letting us do whatever we wanted during the summer as long as we didnt come home intoxicated, 'sexed up' or in handcuffs. In prior years, this meant late nights playing video games and eating too much junk food and indulging in R rated movies. Not this year. Not in this new, seemingly kid-free neighborhood.

Long days spent unpacking, helping "fix" up the house were spent. It was a kids nightmare.. that is to say until the nightmare actually started. My brother and I were forced to share a room which was awful for myself because he snored in dolby digital. I would get frustrated and throw an object over at his bed to get him to shut up and he would for a bit.. this went on for a few weeks until one night, i remember his snores sounded a bit deeper and further apart than usual. Frustrated I grabbed a nearby book and tossed it across the room.. snickering to myself, I awaited his typical response of "hey!" ... but nothing happened. I waited and the noise stopped but no response.

Annoyed I grabbed another book off my nightstand and threw it over to his bed, nothing happened again. This time I had it. I reached over and flipped my lamps switch and found his bed empty. Confused I climbed out of bed and opened our door and peered my head out into the hallway.

"Adam?" I asked.

The house stood silent. I tip toed out of the room and over towards the bathroom which was empty. I began heading up the stairs towards the kitchen and living room about halfway up I began hearing the sound of white noise. The noise began to grow louder and more terrifying with each step I took up the stairs.

In our house we had a mid level that broke up two sets of stair cases, that was the main living room that had our television which was obviously turned off, on the second flight of stairs was the kitchen and a smaller living room which housed coffee tables and book cases but not television. So, of course this frightened me deeply.

As my eyes began to peer from across the kitchen and towards the living area where I see Adam sitting facing a small television that was plugged in and turned onto static.

"Adam?" I questioned again.

He continued to face the white noise. I walked into the room noticing how he was sitting, slightly sluggish and to the left as if someone else was sitting next to him. And more horrifying in front of him were two equally poured glasses of water.


At that time I got a look at the glossy, lost in space look on his face as if he was just a shell with no soul.

I reached my hand out to shake him when immediately he turned ferociously and began screaming, grabbing onto my arm and biting down hard.

I screamed bloody murder, waking the parents who stormed in to a scene as Adam finally awoke, confused as to what was going on.

This was the start of many more things to come... more persistent, more malevolent and completely unexplained.

After the events of that night, I asked him what he thought was happening and he could not remember a thing but somehow in the midst of his sleep he had systemically climbed into a high closest, pulled down a small black and white television from a box, set it up, filled glasses and had been watching it with something.

This began a series of on again off again burst of night terrors that he would suffer... but me? I wasn't so lucky in having it only happen to me while sleeping.

Mid-afternoon I was watching the old Saturday movie by myself while my parents were doing the weekend shopping and out of the corner of my eye I saw what appeared to be a tall, dark figure move in the kitchen. Quickly disregarding it as just my mind playing tricks on itself and before I could rationalize this a loud 'BANG!' sprung out from within my parents walls. Scared and alone I ignored the noise at the time.

That same night my parents arrived home soon after putting the groceries away my mom began interrogating me about her bedroom and why I went into it. I did not. And at the time they locked their bedroom door while they were out so we did not get into their stuff.

She punished me stating that I had opened every night table and desk drawer in there. And just like that I was grounded.

The night found me alone in my room as Adam was away at a friends house. Great... I'm home alone on a Saturday. Luckily I was allowed to play video games.. After a few hours of Prince of Persia, I decide to watch a movie and try to sleep.

The movie quickly put me to sleep, which didn't last long. I remember waking to a very loud creak. I turned and noticed my closet door was half opened. I shook it off, turned back towards my pillow and readjusted myself into comfort.


This time my blood turned cold as fear had fully encroached my body and mind. I was terrified to turn around. I immediately thought, I need to get the light on some how.... It was about 3 feet from me on the opposite side of the bed. If i could just quickly move over I could end this silliness.

I took a deep breathe and rolled over noticing a 'blacker than black' man standing to the side of my bed, i flipped my switch on and for one second i could see a shadow figure welt before my lamp popped and the coil went dark.

Panic and Terror overwhelmed me.

I screamed "Moooom! Dadd!"

I pulled my legs up towards my body tightening myself up away from the man. I closed my eyes and hoped for whatever it was to go away.

I heard the mattress depress as weight was put on it, the cold chill I felt had become artic. Whatever it was, whatever it wanted, was inches away when the lights came on.

My mom stood at the top of my stairs looking down on me in a tight knot, crying in absolute horror. I explained to her what happened and of course it was just my "imagination".

Things went quiet for about a week or so... but they returned. When they did... The above would seem like just a warning of things to come. Part 2, The Writings in the Mirror tomorrow or Saturday, if you want it.

From this moment forth, my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth
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PostSubject: Re: "Between the Static and the Darkness"   Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:14 pm

That was interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more.
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PostSubject: Re: "Between the Static and the Darkness"   Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:38 pm

ill read later

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PostSubject: Re: "Between the Static and the Darkness"   Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:31 am

That one is well written I approve.
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PostSubject: Re: "Between the Static and the Darkness"   

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"Between the Static and the Darkness"
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