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 True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]

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PostSubject: True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]   Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:48 pm

part 1

This is a transcribed conversation I have had with a friend, lets call him Mark. This is not his real name.

Me:I'll be as open minded as I can
Mark:how far did i get along the first time
cuz its kinda a long story
i tell you some crusal parts and see if you rember
it was 11 PM i just got off an 8 hour shift at tim hortons
went over to james nitchkies house for the first time
what part?
Me:yeah, maybe you should just start from the beginning
Mark:il try to be fast
Me:Ok, no worries!
Mark:do you know where *name removed* slives
Me: No I don't.
Mark:its beside the old folks home
in those townhouse apartments
on 4th ave
Mark:hes house is at the very end of the street, so from the front of his house he can see completly down the street
wich is about maybe 6-8 units of houses on the left side
they are the whisler looking houses
on the right side of his house is the fense along the old folks him
we were on his belcony
which is 1 story off the ground
theres a carport under it
we had the intention that night of seeing UFOs
i wanted to show him they were real
because for the past 3 weeks
i saw these reappearing and disappearing lights in the sky
squads of them
at least 10- 15 a night
its 11 PM
and atthe top of the cheif
we see this bright white light appear
at first i thought it was the north star
but after 10 minutes it started to rise quickly
then disappeared
suddenly there was 5 lights in the sky
all reappearing and disappear
4 of them went in the direction of the highlands
in a V shape
3 to 5 minutes later
we notice we see one of them higher up the then other ones come from behind the cheif
and gradually make its way across the sky toward our direction
it disappeared passed his house towards the woods which there is no buildings or anything over there
just straight wilderness till the river
10 minutes after seeing that
we hear at least 30 to 40 canadian geese start honking in that direction
then simotaniously we hear dogs and cats making sounds like barking and meowing from the surrounding black for a straight minute
then it all dies down
We were sketched but stayed outside
then this baby started crying from this house on the left side
for like 5 minutes before shutting up
We saw this fucked up black cat
run across the road from the right side to the left
It was JET black
at least a meter tall
at least it appeared that way from where we were standing
it had a long rounded tail
that arched slightly and leveled out straight
the tail tho
was longer then the body of the cat
ts fur didint shimmer
it walked under this guys carport
guy were scratching our heads
that cat looked fucked
we both said to each other
that cat didint look normal
it looked like a cross between a house cat and a panther
we later see it i dont know exactly how long
run across the road from a different car port
ffrom the left side
under this wiabego that was parted near the curb
we could clearly see both sides of the winabego
and we didint see it cross after it disappeared behind it we assumed it was hiding under the winabego
we see it run across the road again farther down
went under another car port
and we didint see it again till later
so basically
were sitting there
looking around the skies
when suddenly
this music starts blaring from the old folks home
and its playing 30s or 40s music with this chick playing
it had to of been a record player cuz moutain fm is theonly radio station theres no way it coulkd of been a radio
its super loud
at like 11:40 i think pm
it starts skipping
for 5 minutes straight
saying these words over and over
and we cant understand what its saying
but i had chills
all up my spin
cuz somthing was wrong with this
there shouldint be music playing this loud
there should be someone to adjust it
then james told me
he saw a green light above the old folks home
i never saw it
but i belive him
so were offically freaked out
the music stopped skipping
so i said you know what fuck it im gona see if i can see any stars that are out of place in the sky so i search the constilations to se eif i notice anything moving
and i shit you not
out of the corner of my eye
i instinctivly look at my periferals and i notice that theres this black mass in the sky
like it appeared darker then it actually was
for a few seconds
and it was almost as if
the flourecent street light
was fucking with this crafts cloaking device
its afucking saucer
a round dark silver tinted saucer
with a black circle in the middle of it
when some lines and shit
and around it
was smaller black circles from my memory
at least 8 of them
around the outer edge
the craft was about 2-2 and a half inches in diameter
from where i was standing
about 50feet from the ground where i was standing
it was fucking close
i yell to james
both our jaws were dropped wided eyed
as for 7 to 1-10 seconds it flew over this white florecent street light
7- 10 seconds
it spin very slowly
so it wasint noticeable
was completly silent
until it got out of reach of the light
and vanished completly
i forgot to add this detail
it had complex ingravings on the hull
paralell lines that didint curve it only bent
it looks like the disigns from that animated movie of atlantis
you saw it right/
Me:Great Movie
Mark:you know when the giants make that huge bubble
Mark:and the lava gets craked in this really cool patern
it looked like that
exactly like that
we were both stoked
after seeing it
were like FUCK YEAH!
we both saw a fucking saucer!
not a fucking ufo
a fucking saucer
i joke with him
well we know its legit if we hear jets
3 minutes of saying that multipul jets were heard in the background
not even kidding
we hear somthing move along the fense
so we start discussing if, you know if this thing is really a fucking alien. and it comes down i want to meet it... only if its benevolent if its molevolent and comes up here... well we have chairs we can throw at it
we heard it move along this fense
and i dont know
how to explain this so i wil ltry
10 minutes after seeing the craft
im looking dazidly at the end of the street
i noticed... that the colors... al the colours the street lights and the brown fense and all the shades .... changed... somehow
its almost like the colour grey looke yellowish
i mean brown
not grey
and the color of the street light grayed a bit
Me:like a tint or a hue change?
Mark:it was almost like i was semi colour brind
a tint
a very notice tint
in my vision
and im looking at the end of this street
and i see the same cat.... but it didint make sense
it looked like it was at the very very end of the street near the stop sign crossing from the right side to the left
it looked farther then it did
but it was longer then last time
it looked like a meter in length
and its tail was perfectly straight but longer then the body
its crossing this road and i sudenly relized its closer then it seems
its 6 houses up
and its walking towards this side walk, the only side walk in the complex
that leads inbetween these 2 apartments
theres a florecent street light there
and apower box
as soon as it got out of range of the orange street light (send as a message)
Your chat message wasn't sent because Mark is offline

Mark:sorry, my internet cut out for a bit
does it do that often
the gov has fucked with my comp before for this story
Me:Please continue!
Mark:as soon as it got of range of the orange street light
it walked into the white florecent street light
and wasint a cat anymore
it didint register in my brain exactly that it changed until james said DUDE look at the fucking cat it transformed!
and thats when i noticed
holy fuck
its not a cat
it didint even have a tail anymore
it wasint even black
it was this pale albino colored creature, that appeared to not exactly have a head, it was more like a ball bloob thing
it was about 2/3 the hight of the powerbox
which you know how high one is
it was crouched down
all i could see were stumpy legs that were bent
and long arms
it was crouched down
and sudenly it made a gesture as if turing in our direction with its head
it stared at us but diidnt have eyes or a mouth
i couldint see any from the distance
all i could feel
was its gaze
and this horrifying feeling over me
and its not my fear, its nothing iv felt before


Part II

Mark: i have arachniphobia. it is nothing compared to this
it wasint natural
it diidnt feel natural
it was imposing this on me, i was prepared to see anything i wasint afraid
but i heard this frequency in my head
and i gripped the railing frozen
i had this feeling over me, no matter how terrified i was at this moment
i would be fine
it would not hurt me
as long as i didint move from this spot
so what im guessing from that, is that it telepathically communicated with both me and james
but it ddint use words
it used feelings
and once i understood im not moving, it made another gesture
and ... it grew in size
it infurled its legs
and its arms got longer
and it strieded like almost like an ape on its knuckles
but its legs streched out.. kinda like a frog... thats my best discription
it looks like it hung low to the ground but thats impossible
because its back was higher then the powerbox now
and it looked at least a meter and a half in lendth
it strided into that alley way
so basically after it got out of view me and james freaked out
were both like WHAT THE FUCK
okay keep an eye on that side
il keep an eye on this side
i dont want that fucking thing coming over here
5-10 minutes later
we hear this baby scream
from a house on the left side
i dont mean cry
it screamed
and there was silence
we both looked at each other with our hand to our mouth wided eyed and tarriffied
we talked for less in a minute, im saying it took that kid
it had to of
then we hear this
sound that sounded like a car passing in the distance
but .. it didint fade away
it was just like Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
and this charge sound
charging sound
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and got higher in pitch
and like this engin
this fucked up engin sound
it all go so loud
it sounded like it was above us
then my friend books it
we run upstairs
to the top floor
and open his window
im pirring outside the window from under the window cill
i dont see anything
it fades away... but i could still hear it in the distance.. hovering there
the thing about this, it was barly noticable
the only way you could of noticed the sound was if you heard it up close
i look at the clock
its 2:31
so me and my friend are talking
i sware
im not lieing when i say this
it felt like 10 minutes went by
i look at the clock
and its still 2:31
i say tojames
and hes saying the same thing
i start counting
to 60
i count to like 75
and then the clock changes
i forgot to add this part, during the time i didint notice that the clock wasint changing
i went into his closet and grabbed these bioculars
so i was actually looking outside talking to him
then looked at the clock and got tripped out
so basically
im looking out the window now
and i dont see anything
its dead silent except for that sound in the background
exactly at 3 am
it decended
and we could hear it get louder
the WOOOOODH WOOOSHH WOOOOSHHH shhhh shhhhh shhhhh sound
and ... i hear this sound that sounds like straight from a si fi movie
this VAshhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu like some sort of lazer
and we hear this baby crying outside
i say fuck it
and stick my head outside the window
i see nothing
just a really bright florecent street light
but the fucked up part
was the babys crying was reverbing off the walls
so i KNEW it was coming from outside
till a point where it was muffled from inside someones walls
and shut up instantly
were both looking at each other again
like OMG
it really did take it
It really did fucking do it
even tho we saw it
and it saw it
it didi t anyways
it fucking Abducted that kid
with us fully knowing what happened
we noticed a displacement of time, but it wasint any number of time ahead, it was that time stopped
so there was NO way
that we were abducted
it put on a show for us apparently
it tried to scare us
and you know what it worked, to an extent
i was still curious
looking out the window
the time goes by
my friend says
look dude
see that dog?
what dog?
it totally came from under my carport
what the fuck dude that dog looks fucked up man!
it was this black wolf like dog with shaggy hair
it walked on the left side
up the curb near the carports
im looking at it in the binoculars
and all i see is a pitch black outline of it
i noticed from that its fur is actually darker then pitchj black
because well it was walking by the carport i compared the shades to actual pitch black
and the dog was darker
so im staring at it
and it stops
turns its head almost looking back at the house
i see no eyes
just the pointy ears and the outline of its face
it starts walking again
very slowly
it reaches this garbage bin
and kinda moves behind it . and stopps. half its its body can be seen
then it sudenly vanishes
and im thnking what the fuck where did it go
all i hear was james hit his back against the wall, huddling in the feedle position, i look at him and hes mumbling
mannn that thing
that thing
it telleported man
it teleported
i look back at the road
and its 10 feet in the other directionm
10 feet up the road
facing the other direction
i look at it in binoculars,
its standing within the radius of the white street light this time. its 4-5 houses up the road
and its staring right back at me
no eyes
i could see it in plain light
and its still darker then darjk
i saw no snout
just the ears
and the sides of its face
for a good 10-15 seconds
im staring at it and its staring at me
james pulls his blinds on me
and hes like STOP IT MAN
im going to bed
fuck this
this is to much fucked up shit
for one night
and im peering thru the blinds
and james is like DUDE SERIOUSLY STOP
okay okay, but man
this might be the last time you ever see somthing like this
arnt you a little bit curious?
now im going to bed
and he lied down
so basically
its 3:30
and im like fuck
well im not sleeping yet
so i go into his closet
grab his katana and sit cross legged on his bed facing the door
having vivid hallucinations
of that pale creature walking thru it
im gona fuck it up.. if i can
i waited
till i hear the sound from outside disappear
it wasint until 4 AM
until it started getting light out
this happened in 2009 july 15th
i wen tto bed
woke up at 11
and investigated
where thegarbage bin was
There was a thorn bush 3 feet high, right up against it
so what ever this thing was
walked into the fucking thorn bush
and thats how i know aliens are more fucked up then what people make of them
my personal experience is rare, i know. youl never hear another one like it again
apparently, when we asked some ppl the next morning
do you know who has a baby on this street
this guy said
well pretty much EVERY house along here has one ....... : S
so i didint bother going door to door asking
Hey do you have a baby? well they may have been abducted sooo... go check on them .... like im that fucking retarded
Me: Haha
Mark: my hands hurt from typing
but yeah
that actually happened to me
the experience itself is much worse
Me: I can only imagine
Mark: but im glad i got to have it, i got what i asked for
clearly it knew we wanted to see what was out there
we got more then what we bargined for
Me: noone believes you do they
Mark:some do
but my story hasint changed
so theres credibilty in that
Me:tell me about the government! they actually cut your internet?
Mark: and blue screened my computer
in the middle of telling these storys
it was a brand new computer
in fact
i spent a check on getting a new one
and tried telling it
on july 16th
and it got this blue screen that memory dumped my comp
i tried telling it twice but it did it again
i got spooked and stopped talking
2 days later i changed the computer for a better one at walmart
so as soon as i got it
i told someone it
and again
it got blue screen
and so i wanted t know maybe it was my powerbar doing it
so i stopped talking about it that day
and it didint blue screen
the whole day
so the next day
i talk about it again
and BAM
blue screen
for that whole month of july
Me: what the fuck!
Mark: blue screen
but after july
my comp was fine......
so im pretty lucky to have experienced what i did
Me: yeah, my mind is blown

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Feeling brassic

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PostSubject: Re: True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]   Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:58 pm

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! That's some Men In Black shit there

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PostSubject: Re: True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]   Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:03 pm

I know other people he's told the story to in person, and they said it's the exact same, down to the dot. Strange stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]   Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:29 pm

ill read later. man. im gonna be ending up reading all these tonight.

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Feeling brassic
Feeling brassic

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PostSubject: Re: True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]   Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:32 pm

In part 2: The aliens mysteriously remove the enter button from his keyboard so he stops hitting it so often

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PostSubject: Re: True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]   Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:44 pm

I'll read later...I'm absolutely fucked with exhaustion right now...
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Master Cthulhu
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PostSubject: Re: True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]   Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:39 pm

Part 2 is up.
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Feeling brassic
Feeling brassic

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PostSubject: Re: True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]   Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:56 pm

Obviously from a readers standpoint its very hard to believe but it was an interesting read.

From this moment forth, my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth
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Master Cthulhu
Gentleman and a Scholar

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PostSubject: Re: True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]   Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:02 am

Yeah, agreed.
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PostSubject: Re: True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]   

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True Story of Alien Encounter [S/7] [G/2]
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