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 The Woods [S/7] [G/0]

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PostSubject: The Woods [S/7] [G/0]   Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:45 am

From when I was in grade 1 to 4, I went to a British elementary school. The school itself was probably about two hundred years old. I remember it having cracked, worm eaten beams that held up the roof, and plastered white walls. It had a country road that led up to it, and a vast wooded area at the back that stretched miles into the distance. Anyway, this happened when I was in grade 3 or 4, and it scared me shitless at the time.

The school had a sleepover day every year, but I wasn't allowed to go to it because my mother wouldn't let me. This year my friends would all be there, and I would be a social outcast if I didn't show up. After begging my mother for hours, she finally caved in and agreed to let me go.

When I got there, it wasnít bad at all. We played games and ate dinner, but things started to get weird after we went for a walk through the woods next to the school. I remember it was autumn, and leaves littered the grass. The sun had just begun to dip below the hills in the distance. We were all supposed to follow the teacher in a single file line, and of course I was at the end of it. There was a designated path, and we were supposed to follow it. I was managing to keep up when something caught my eye. It was a gnarled twisted tree. If I had to guess I would say it was an oak tree. What was weird about it was that it was completely bent over, at a right angle. I must have lost track of time, because when I looked around for the group, they were completely gone. I thought I could still make out the teacherís voice in the distance, so I followed the sound.

It had begun to get dark now, and all of a sudden it had gotten really cold. I started to jog towards the sound that I could hear. I could see my own breath fog up now as I jogged. The path had completely disappeared, and I had no idea where I was, but I could still make out the sound of a familiar voice. I came to the edge of the forest, and there was farmland stretching out in front of me. I could still hear the voice of my teacher over the crest of a hill, but I was now having doubts as to whether or not I should follow it. Now the light was fading quickly, and in the distance I could still make out my school, so I decided to just walk back in that direction. The only way back to it was through the woods again, so I wasted no time in jogging into the dense vegetation.

I had been jogging/running for about 10 minutes, and it was really starting to get dark now. I still had the general direction of where the school was, but I should have already hit the edge of the woods. Suddenly the sound that I had heard earlier was directly behind me. Without even looking backwards I ran as fast as I could through the trees that scratched my face with their hanging branches. The sound was following me. Now that I could hear it close up it wasnít someone speaking, it was more of a moaning sound, but it was a womanís voice. Looming up ahead of me was the bent tree with its top half pointing in my direction. I knew that the school had to be close now. Without warning I burst into a clearing, and all was silent.

My classmates were sitting on the grass eating snacks while the teachers were talking. When they finally saw me, I was scolded for running away like that, but I wasnít really listening, because all I could hear in my head was that sound.

From this moment forth, my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth
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The Woods [S/7] [G/0]
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