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 Games I played this summer

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Feeling brassic

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PostSubject: Games I played this summer   Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:47 am

Tons holy girth

Dragon Age- Everything non-wii
Gameplay- Started off really slow. The more you put into it the more it gave you. I played this game for 30 hours and still had no idea how to properly use the rogue's and mages. Whatever high health and strength is all I need. I had to lower the difficulty a few times. Sometimes the dialog would get far too much but in the end I usually gave quite a bit of shit about what was going on. I definitely think they went a bit too far on the dialog, it really does not end. And KOTOR and Mass Effect are in the favourites.

Fun Meter- Fights are fun, and the sidequests are great. You need to put effort in, its a definite investment. But it does pay off. I kind of just wanted to get through it after a while but it was still a blast, good humour on occasion. I kind of wish I played as a dick, I think it might have been more fun.

Overall- Buying it would be a good idea

Paper Mario- Gamecube
Gameplay- Jesus Christ another game with long ass text sequences. Some levels really pissed me off. Run from A to B numerous times by badguys that give 1XP. Bullshit aside the game did some really cool things, and all of the fights were always fun. It finally had the balls to have a really hard boss fight. The N64 one was so easy.

Fun meter- Depends if you dig the silly characters and environment. Sometimes the puzzles are overly hard, but it did pay off when you finished it.

Overall- I wont play it again, but I had a decent time. The N64 one was far better

Lost Kingdoms- Gamecube
Gameplay- Good stuff. Its Yu-gi-ohish, you use cards and monsters come out to fight for you. Some really fun levels, and its great upgrading your deck or making a strategy. Or your me and only use fucking strength.

Fun meter- It would be nice if the game had a story that I gave a shit about or acting or better level design it only focuses on gameplay. I paid $5 for it so I'm glad I got away with this.

Overall- KAIBA NO!

Psychonauts- Xbox
Gameplay- Jesus Christ. This is a game. Its probably one of the best I've ever played. Some of the levels seem unfinished or not up to their potential, but others are absolutely incredible. Here are some notables. You play a board game style against a man who is related to Napolean. The area is Waterloo and you need to win. Another your in the 50s and everyone is looking for a Milkman. Another your a godzilla like character and the town's residents are talking fish. Then there is the streets of Spain where a painter is being tormented by losing his love. You help all of these people with their issues by going into their minds and fighting their fears and helping them overcome them.

Fun- Its fucking fun. Awesome acting, awesome levels. Sometimes overly difficult and othertimes very easy. The final level is short but very hard. Some levels you stay in the relatively same area. In this one called the Meat Circus you are all over the fucking place avoiding hazards and jumping around platformer style. I can't even imagine how good this game would be if it had a high budget.


Overall- I hate that I didn't but this when it came out. Stop making Brutal Legend shit and make another one of these

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem- Gamecube
Gameplay- I expected this game to be outstanding. I was expecting some like Resident evil + Amnesia + Metal Gear Solid. I ended up getting something like Bad Gameplay + Excellent Storytelling and Atmosphere. Its such a shame that you spend so much time casting the same spells at a slightly higher power level at the exact same badguys for most of the action parts. Your character always feels fairly heavy and the game doesn't have too much fun in the combat which appears often.

Fun- The game has such a good story and characters. Each character is like a chapter of the book. You'll find amazing enthralling people, and really dull people that don't really have anything interesting going on. The game is very hard. There is no way I would've beat it without a walkthrough. A lot of times the game wants you to interact with things that you really need to go out of your way to think of. It was pretty tough, and the payoff is just more good story and okay gameplay. I almost wish the game was a movie instead with maybe 6 of the 12 chapters included.

Overall- Maybe I'm being harsh, the game is pretty old 2003, I think. It is fun, but I had most of my fun in its great story. The scares were great but too few. The sanity meter was cool, but you get a healing spell so early that you kind of miss out of them the better you are at it.


Conan- Xbox 360
Gameplay- Nobody knows this game. You play as a barbarian and you just fight thugs and bosses, which can get pretty epic. Sometimes the game gets very hard, but by the end Conan is very decked and you'll be decapitating 3 guys at once and will be effectively dodging and well lets face it, button mashing. Short cheap fun.

Fun- You really only fight in this. Walk linear, kill guys level up your combos. Then the bosses come in for variety. The game could've benefited from a better story or even side missions. Maybe plundering villages or raiding ships from your own? A lot of times your just thrown in a room fighting 10 guys at once and then you jump across a few platforms and do it again.

Overall- I bought it for $2.99. Worth every penny

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PostSubject: Re: Games I played this summer   Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:27 pm

Dragon Age is very very good. I've probably played that more than any other game on my PS3. 4 playthroughs done so far. Apparently the PC version is FAR superior though. The fighting is much easier to handle and you can carry out much more complex orders to squadmates etc. The second one is apparently much less RPG and more action game but I'll probably still get it eventually even if it isn't as good.
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Games I played this summer
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