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 Tear gas and stun grenades used on 'Occupy Oakland' protesters, arrests in Atlanta

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PostSubject: Tear gas and stun grenades used on 'Occupy Oakland' protesters, arrests in Atlanta    Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:16 pm

The Oakland violence came as demonstrators tried to reclaim a plaza they had been using as a campsite before being moved out earlier in the day - an eviction that lead to 79 arrests as many defied the city order

to leave.
After several skirmishes earlier, police appeared to have finally disperseddiscount jerseysthe protesters when they fired tear gas and flash-bang canisters into the crowd, which had grown to between 500 and 1000 demonstrators.
Aerial footage showed multiple gas canisters and landing in the middle of the crowd, causing the mob to scatter in every direction, KTVU-TV reported.
Less than two hours later, the protesters had re-formed into a nfl jerseys cheap group and police again fired tear gas canisters, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Meanwhile demonstrators attacked and smashed a California Highway Patrol car parked near the protest.
The protesters started marching after the "Occupy Wall Street jerseys wholesale"-linked demonstrators held a meeting at the Oakland Public Library, where they decided to try to take back their campsite in Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.
"We're going to reclaim what was already ours," veteran activist Krystof Lopaur said to the crowd.
Authorities had deemed the march illegal, when a large group of demonstrators stopped to rally near a police station in the city centre.
Police were seen deploying smoke grenades, which caused loud noises steelers jerseys cheap and filled the area with smoke, after fights broke out between officers and protesters, KTVU reported.
Shortly after, more skirmishes broke out nearby, where protesters threw paint at police. At least two people were arrested during the incident.
A San Jose Mercury News journalist reported that police launched wooden dowls and some concussion grenades into the crowds. It was not immediately known if anyone was injured during the clashes.
Many protesters were wearing bandannas to shield their eyes and mouths from tear gas.
Police had given protesters five minutes to disperse but around 200 protesters cheap jerseys continued to rally near their former campsite - a crowd that grew again as the trouble continued into the night.
"Occupy Oakland" demonstrators had been living in Frank H. Ogawa Plaza for two weeks, when police moved in early Tuesday morning and removed their camp. Police said 79 were arrested during the incident.
Meanwhile, across the country in Georgia, police started arresting "Occupy Atlanta" protesters today after they refused to leave their camp by midnight, myFOXatlanta.com reported.
Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced Monday that he was revoking an executive order that had allowed protesters to remain at Woodruff Park after hours.
"This movement is moving towards escalation. That it is no longer peaceful in my judgment and there are elements of that movement that are willing to engage in violence. So I'm not going to let that stand," Mr
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PostSubject: Re: Tear gas and stun grenades used on 'Occupy Oakland' protesters, arrests in Atlanta    Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:30 am

ok. its even getting old for me now. what the fuck is with all this bots posting quasi news/ads now?

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Tear gas and stun grenades used on 'Occupy Oakland' protesters, arrests in Atlanta
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