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 Documentary/Movie on Alternative Fuel Resources - Living a self sustained lifestyle

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PostSubject: Documentary/Movie on Alternative Fuel Resources - Living a self sustained lifestyle   Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:06 am


For a time we've started using biofuel & other resoures yet we stopped, why?

I've been working on a plan to get off of oil all together, at least for me anyway & i'm sure most of my friends are willing to do the same. Anyway this kinda goes into my other post about helping to eliminate greed & corruption by starting to be more self independent. I know granted not everyone knows about how to be more self sufficient so it's a different language. Anyway the only way i can suggest is to research and invest in solar, wind & alternative energy sources for cars. Obviously right now i can't afford to buy a new car. So what i plan to do instead is to convert my car to either bio-fuel or electric.

I plan on building my own solar panels and hydroponic farm. I also am looking into finding a cheap place to stay that i can put the solar & wind turbines down (with at least too much interference) There's also this group called: BUILD A HYBRID RBE COMMUNITY NOW. So there's a few options there but i guarantee you the longer we stay on oil the worse it will get. Whether the economy will collapse soon or not it's something we should really be focusing on how to repair & to make it thrive again for everyone. If we allow ourselves to become part of a system that is (may or may not be corrupt) then we're letting ourselves becomes slaves to the system.

I'm working on ways to becoming more self sustainable (like i mentioned in my other post). If we start thinking that renewable resources are the way to go then we'll start to change the mindset of people. Solar energy is free, wind power is free. The resources to build them are not but if we do build them we'd have to build them so they last and have the 'know how' to repair them! Oil is hindering our abilities to evolve and we have to overcome the need for it. I suggest doing some research on it to see if it would work for you. Building them yourself is generally better (especially if you know what your doing) if you know someone who doesn't know how to build one, build it for them out of kindness or at a very low/reasonable price.. don't add a $300 price tag because you worked your butt off to create it. I would have to say it's better to give someone something like solar energy because they would benefit from it greatly. Especially if their energy costs are high! They would save money & they could buy something they want or something that could benefit the world.

I think if more people think this way then we'd have a greater chance at having a better future for ourselves and everyone around us. I know some of you don't really care about people, i certainly don't but i'm starting off with helping friends out. I'm going to try to update this so if anyone is interested in going green i could be more then happy to work on a solar panel or 2 for anyone! But do research yourself if your interested! Especially if your interested in doing a project yourself! Smile. I have to do more research on hydroponics farms & nothings planned for that yet but it's my no 1 right now since i want to stop spending so much on food lol.
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Documentary/Movie on Alternative Fuel Resources - Living a self sustained lifestyle
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