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 Asked Forumotion to Review A Tip Of the Hat

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PostSubject: Asked Forumotion to Review A Tip Of the Hat   Sun May 05, 2013 5:53 pm

They are the folks that host this site. They had a lot to say. Most of what she is saying is what I'd want to hear and things that are known to me. Good to not see any curveballs. Interesting to see what they say

Graphics and Layout

Banner (Score: 8-10)
When I first enter a forum I always turn my attention to the forums banner as I always feel this provides me with some knowledge of what the forum is about topic wise. The name would suggest a gentlemenís forum of some sorts due to the picture of a sharply dressed man walking in the rain. I then guessed due to the faded image of a newspaper that this was going to be a political/general discussion forum. Overall your banner speaks somewhat of your forums topic but doesnít give me a decisive answer but on the other hand it does leave me somewhat wondering about what your forum offers and therefore would draw a member to investigate further if he or she was interested.

Overall your banner sits well at the top of the forum and itís not often a banner that wide works but it does in this case. Furthermore the banner is uniquely designed and therefore deserves a good 8 out of 10. Iíve taken 2 marks off because it doesnít clearly give me an idea of what the forum is about. I know youíve given me a description in your forum review request but I do need to look at this as if it was my first time visiting your forum with no prior knowledge of your forum.

Navigation Bar (Score: 5-5)
Your navigation bar continues with your gentlemen feel with little suit images being used to form the navigation bar. I also noticed that your ďRegisterĒ navigation button flashes. Youíve done a good job on designing these, if it was you who did so. The only thing I can say is so far youíre setting the scene for your overall intention of being a high class forum.

Overall your navigation bar is well designed and sits well upon the top of your forum and matches and contrasts well with the colours youíve used on your forum so therefore you deserve 5 out of 5 for this well designed navigation bar.

Post & Forum Icons (Score: 5-5)
Your forum buttons and post icons are all the same which is good, just with a little colour change or image added upon them to represent what they do. They are defiantly unique and Iíve never seen anything like these before. Whoever designed these has defiantly done a good job. The only other thing I can say about your forum/post icons is that they are well designed and continue the upper class design and feel of your forum as well as match your forums colour scheme nicely. For the reasons I stated above your icons defiantly deserve 5 out of 5

Background (Score: 5-5)
The background of your theme is really well designed giving a high class feeling and continuing your forums ďGentlemenĒ theme. Your background is the most noticeable aspect of your forum and contrasts well with the colours your forum has used throughout. I canít really say much more other than that your forum background is defiantly good looking and continues with your forums feel of being upper class. Therefore you deserve full marks, 5 out of 5.

Other Forum Images (Score: N/A-5)
You havenít used any other image than the ones covered in this review. Iíll remove the score from this section so this wonít be included in the overall score of your forum. But I will mention that you do have a default favicon; you should change this to something, maybe a top hat or something? Just something slightly more suited to your forum.

Theme (Score: 9-10)
(does your forum have a cohesive theme? does it feel like it's drawn together and "whole?")
Your theme is smooth and velvety with a sleekly designed background and the few images you have used contribute well with the colour design that you have used throughout your forum. I canít really say much other than that your forum theme looks nice and flows well. On the other hand the theme does look very simple but as I will get to this later on in the review, your forum has a massive amount of posts and has dedicated members so maybe eccentric designs arenít all that?

I would suggest maybe looking into sprucing the forum up a little, maybe you can collaborate with your members and friends and see what could be done to add a bit of life into the forums are again like I said the designs are very simple. Overall I think your theme does deserve a high mark as it is nice and it drawn together and flows well. Therefore I am going to give your theme a 9/10 I only take a one point off simply because it is quite old and simple and it could look slightly better.

Forum/Category Layout & Organization (Score: 7-10)
First of all your category names are outstandingly worded  I honestly havenít seen any categories like that and this shows youíve put your own spin on your forum which is defiantly a good idea so well done. Overall your forum layout is slightly unstructured in the sense that your forums donít have any kind of order, you have the introductions at the top and then you have musical discussion forum followed by day to day life discussion and then a sort of ďrandomĒ discussion forum. I donít really see any kind of real order, maybe Iím missing it but I just canít seem to see any real order. Maybe a little bit of organisation could help your forum out and not confuse members as much.

Overall your forum does seem a little disorganized category wise but you do cover a wide variety of discussions therefore your forum does deserve a mark of 7/10

Score: 39/45

Special Features & Originality

Widgets (Score: N/A-5)
I donít actually see any widgets, so therefore this section of the review cannot be carried out. I will take this part of review off the final score.

Notable/Unique Design & Coding Features (Score: N/A-10)
(chatbox, like systems, etc.)
I know youíre using a chatbox but this is the default chatbox. Other than this I havenít seen anything that would come under this section of the review. I am therefore going to remove this part out of the review as well. IT wonít count to your finial score.

Design & Coding Extras (Score: 5-5)
(glowing link hover, dynamic navigation bars, nice color pickers, etc)
I noticed that your navigation bar like I said above does flash when you receive a private message and when youíre viewing the forum as a guest the register button does as well. This is a nice design and therefore does deserve a mark of 5/5.
Score: 5/5

Generalities & Activity

Member activity (Score: 6-10)
Your memberís activity is a bit of a mixed bag so to speak. Currently your forum has around 13 people visiting in a 48 time frame; this is rather poor considering youíve got 580 members. On the other hand Iíve noticed 163535 posts which is quite impressive.
Like I said above member activity is quite poor but your forum is active as many of the sections are posted in on a near daily basis apart from two sections which hasnít been posted in around a week. I would suggest keeping all sections as active as possible in order to attract members.

Your overall top 20 posters revealed that you do have a dedicated member base and around a quarter of the top 20 posts visit on a regular basis. I am assuming member activity was once high and then dropped? This is what your forum is telling me.

Overall Iíd suggest giving your forum a slight revamp and create newer content and keep things fresh in order to encourage members to stick around. While you do have a high post count and a large member base, little of the member base is active therefore I am taking points off for this and giving your forum a 6/10

Staff activity (Score: N/A-10)
I cannot carry out this section of the review because I canít locate who is a staff member. I saw one admin in my time browsing your forum. I checked the legend to see the groups and I am aware you have an admin and moderator group but I canít check due to no link being present, the members of said groups so I canít see whose staff and who isnít. I will remove this section from the finial total of the review score.

Iíd suggest changing the colours of the staff groups so they are more viewable on the forums.

Usergroups (Score: N/A-10)
I cannot carry out the review for this section either as you have two groups and I canít even view who is in these groups and the groups have no colours so I canít even tell who is in the group by viewing the members list.

Like I said above Iíd suggest making the links for these groups valid to see who is actually in them and adding a colour to signify who is in the groups. Again this wonít count to your finial score.
Score: 6/10

Total Score: 50/60

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Asked Forumotion to Review A Tip Of the Hat
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