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 Metal and Entertainment Video 2 1/2

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PostSubject: Metal and Entertainment Video 2 1/2   Fri Feb 06, 2009 9:51 pm

The other night i got this idea so i got the 16 track out and bam it was done , A track i call smasher about a 59 ~ 60 sec long . Now i have a idea about the video but i need help to do it . I need you guys to come up with things to say , I want to run the http all the way through the video and just put tings that would make people come and check this place out . I would like to see it grow to where this is the place to come and hang out like myspace or facebook ( YEA YEA YEA I KNOW I DREAM ... BUT I DREAM BIG ! ) So please help . I cant say i will use everything but i will use all i can . BTW i dont want anyone to pat me on the back or tell me that im kick ass because i make videos for M&E i just want to see good people come and hang out with GREAT PEOPLE and watch this site grow like a big fat sticky plant .. SO PLEASE HELP .. YOU CAN SEND VIDEOS , PIC'S , HELL ANYTHING YOU WANT .. Send it to ... hateyou1st@yahoo.com
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Metal and Entertainment Video 2 1/2
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